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The GOACA guide: 20 gifts under $50

Stendig calendar—gifts under $50

All sorts of inexpensive gift excitement, starting with this classic Stendig calendar, which I’d love to own. It’s as of-the-moment now as it was in when it was designed by the great Massimo Vignelli back in 1966.

Soap & Paper factory Neroli hand lotion—Gifts under $50

Soap & Paper Factory has such pretty packaging that you scarcely have to wrap your gifts—and this lotion is really good, and smells brilliantly of neroli.

Helen Levi cup—Gifts under $50

This ceramic tumbler by Helen Levi is just so pretty and handmade-looking.

Le crueset espresso mug—Gifts under $50

This wee Le Creuset espresso mug couldn’t be much cuter, and it’s cheap enough that you can buy a whole set.

W/R/F vase—Gifts under $50

A really quite elegant small vase.

Opinel Bon Appetit steak knives—Gifts under $50

The differently-colored handles on these steak knives are so graphically appealing.

Baggu duffel—Gifts under $50

A poppy red duffel is unexpected and fun.

Izola stainless steel flask—Gifts under $50

A stainless steel flask that comes with a canvas carrier: so streamlined and elegant.

Flight 001 Universal travel adaptor—Gifts under $50

This universal five-in-one adaptor may not be the sexiest gift, but I own it and can attest to its brilliance. Plus, it’s cute.

raffia bread basket—gifts under $50

I feel like a bread basket is a very civilized thing to own, and aspire to such things.

Becksondergaard fingerless gloves—gifts under $50

These bright gloves are an instant good mood.

Cause and Effect cuff—gifts under $50

Just the simplest brass cuff—but so chic, especially in a stack.

Minnetonka slippers—gifts under $50

These Minnetonka slippers just ooze coziness.

Graphite feather—Gifts under $50

This graphite feather is so arresting in black.

Fiorucci book—Gifts under $50

I got this book, a look back at the iconic brand behind many a GOACA’s adolescent fashion obsession, a while back and am so enjoying it. It’s got posters in the back, which is a fun bonus, and will add a lively graphic punch to any coffee table it’s placed on.

Moma Design Store clock—Gifts under $50

A compact, space-age clock from the MoMa design store.

Urban Outfitters beanie—gifts under $50

This beanie comes in New York, Paris, and London versions, too.

Nordstrom passport case—gifts under $50

This passport case looks fancier than it is. Tumbler—gifts under $50

I can’t help it, and am not certain why, but I love this tumbler so damn much.

Georg Jensen wine stopper—gifts under $50

Such a stunning Georg Jensen wine stopper.


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4 Responses

  1. Viajera says:

    Lovely post!!

    Everyone else keeps mail in their “bread baskets” too right? (Guuulp)

  2. Mary Alice says:

    Love the beanie!

  3. Sharona says:

    Oh, wow, Fiorucci.

    I’m suddenly remembering how the store smelled (good, and distinctive, at least in memory).