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Thursday links

Posted on November 30th, 2017 5 Comments

Some gloves and mittens—because the time has come

These are cashmere, and just $60 a pop.

My favorite gloves are from Jo Gordon—I have them shipped from from England, a definite splurge, but they’re just so good. This year I ordered these—they come in a few different colorways, but I think the black and white is the chicest.

I like the boucle here, and think these look kind of appealingly new wave.

I have never seen an un-pricey pair of gloves like these until now.

If you’re prone to losing gloves and don’t want to spend a lot, I’d recommend J. Crew’s glitten. I’ve gone through countless pairs of them.

Another glove with a wool cuff—somehow sophisticated and cozy all at once.

This shearling mitten looks even cozier—and it’s well-priced for what it is.

I couldn’t resist including these, from Pendelton’s National Parks series, because they’re so fun.

I use fingerless gloves to walk the dogs, and think that these would look quite nice peeking out from under a black or grey coat.

I also like this spacedye option.

These are from Patagonia, so they’ll be super-warm. I’m thinking of getting them for walking the dogs when it gets super-cold because the tops flip off.

Posted on November 30th, 2017 8 Comments

All the makeup I wear on my face in one post


Please share in the comments which products you rely on daily; I’m always curious. Here are mine, starting with Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream, which I switched to a while back because it has SPF 35. They also have a tone that pretty closely matches my skin, and it goes in super-light, which I appreciate. This goes on right after I wash my face.

On days I want a little boost (which is most days), I go for Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, which I tried after hearing raves, and it does indeed impart a certain luminescence.

I wrote about By Terry’s Tea to Tan not long ago, but it has become such an essential that I don’t mind revisiting its wonderfulness. The deeper into winter we get, the more horribly pallid I become, and the more I rely on a really quality bronzer to salvage matters. This stuff imparts a fantastic, natural color and I am addicted. The only drawback is that it has the consistency of water and is a little messy to apply.

I have been using Ecobrow for a couple of years now—it’s a waxy pomade that really makes me look like I am in possession of nice, full brows even though the exact opposite is the case. I have tried every brow pencil out there, and nothing worked quite well enough until this. Here’s the brush to apply it with.

The easiest eyeliner to apply, and a nice, rich brown (too many brown eyeliners are wimpy).

Given how often I switch loyalties in this category, it’s amazing I’ve stuck with Diorshow’s Pump N’ Volume for as long as I have. But it’s just a really good, rich, almost-clump-free mascara. People have actually asked me if I have eyelash extensions when I’m wearing it.

My favorite lipstick of the moment is this, from Hourglass. It goes on as a a nice, plummy red. Which sounds maybe like too much, but it’s not.

Posted on November 29th, 2017 81 Comments

Tuesday links

  • These new illustrations for the original James Bond novels are so good. (Flavorwire)
  • Six worthwhile food and cooking podcasts. (Vulture)
  • This is trippy good fun. (Kottke)
  • Here are eight of TV shows worth paying attention to this winter. (Elle)
  • The best movie trailers of the year. (A.V. Club)



Posted on November 28th, 2017 5 Comments

A party in a top, part 7

Nili Lotan blouse

I have described the concept of the party in a top many times, but for those of you who are just joining in: the notion came to me when I realized that at crowded  holiday parties, all anyone notices is what you’re wearing from the waist up, so that’s all you have to worry about. And since we’re headed into holiday party season—and also because I’ve received a couple of requests—it seemed like time to trot this post out again. I like the quiet sexiness of this silk tie-neck blouse from Nili Lotan.

Mango blouse

This is just rather elegant, and looks like it costs more than it does.

Veronica Beard blouse

Prints get graphic and sophisticated in black and white.

Mango blouse

I love a lace party top—they’re alluring without being overly revealing.

Universal Standard tee

The knot at the shoulder here is a fun touch.

Nili Lotan tank

I am dying for this zebra-print tank—it’d look so great peeking out from under a blazer.

The Lady & The Sailor tee

A simple tee in velour, which makes it party-worthy.

Current Elliott top

A velvet top with sleeves that are nicely—but not excessively—flouncy.

Zero + Maria Cornejo Lena top

Sometimes, a party in a top should be on the loud side.

Eloquii blouse

A tie-neck leopard-print blouse is just about perfect.

Ella Moss tee

I’ve seen a lot of these choker tees lately, and like this one best because the neckline is nice and deep.

Mackage leather top

For the daring: a leather top.

Ulla Johnson top

Yellow just screams party.

Posted on November 28th, 2017 18 Comments

Things I bought, things I want

NYC X Cami camisole

I bought this cami to wear under blazers, and love that it is nice and slouchy. I have to wear a bra with it, and it looks cute with the straps peeking out.

Everlane turtleneck sweater

This turtleneck sweater from Everlane is just such a good red, which isn’t easy to find.Nili Lotan Jenna pant

I absolutely can not buy these pants because I already have them, just not with that adorable grosgrain tape on the leg.

J Crew fair isle sweater

I love the subtle interplay of colors on this fair isle sweater, and that it is made of cozy alpaca.

Clare V weekender

My weekender died over the Thanksgiving holiday, so of course I’m all excited to look for a replacement. This is what I’ve wanted for ages— it’s super-lightweight leather and comes in a ton of good colors, though I’m partial to the navy.

Beklina clogs

I am nuts for these clogs even though there is something a little crazy about them.


Posted on November 27th, 2017 17 Comments