Sunday 16th May 2021
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Top 5 of the week

Today, I bring you pool slides, which are casual and easy  and perfect for weekend hanging out or heading to the beach or whatever. I am crazy for the two models Everlane has just released: this criscross style is my favorite (here is the other) and it comes in a number of colors, but for some reason the green is really striking me.

Adidas slides

Here’s one from Adidas in my favorite pink.

Ash slide sandals

The embroidery here is a nice touch.

Birkenstock slide sandals

This is from Birkenstock, but it somehow looks just a touch more streamlined than their usual fare.

Adidas slide sandals

Before the big dog chewed them, I had these, from Adidas; they’re just classics, and so sportif.

Posted on May 19th, 2017 7 Comments

7 Responses

  1. Alix says:

    I loooove the crisscross style in green! On the waitlist — they already have to restock in that color for some sizes!

  2. Dana D says:

    Oh those Everlane ones came to my inbox yesterday!

    but of course, woe is me, I’ll be ordering them in black…

    • lornagnyc says:

      I know! they sold out FAST. I ordered in black but wanted green. (will keep an eye and maybe return if the black is too black..) FYI, no a re-stocking fee if you return to the showroom (if you’re in NYC/SF). I wanted to go try on but got worried when they sold out in all the good colors. Sandals with arch supports are rare and the straps on birks sometimes hurt me…

  3. joannawnyc says:

    Love the Birk Madrids in the EVA. I think I want them in white.

  4. marjorie says:

    I used to have those Birks but they WOULD NOT STAY ON. One actually fell off on a Disneyland ride, and I nearly lost one on a subway platform. Unpleasant.