Tuesday 21st September 2021
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Monday links

  • These photos of massive waves crashing in Australia are rather awesome. (Colossal)
  • I found this piece, about the clothing of grief, to be quite poignant. (Racked)
  • 18 of the most political moments in Oscars history. (Elle)
  • The highs and lows of last night’s Oscars. (Vulture)
  • And finally, the best and worst of the Oscars red carpet. (The Cut)


Posted on February 27th, 2017 12 Comments

12 Responses

  1. Dana D says:

    I’m just so happy that Moonlight really won best picture…

    God, that is an amazing film. So beautiful on so very many levels.

    • DeDe says:

      I was prepared for La La Land to win, but am thrilled it went to Moonlight instead! There is justice in this world (and the Academy) after all!

  2. Viajera says:

    Nice show. The dresses weren’t great though. I wonder what happened.

  3. c.w. says:

    Those waves are an excellent way to begin the morning. Thank you.

  4. angie says:

    That was a beautiful essay on the clothing of grief. I was with my mother when she died 18 months ago, and I was wearing a favorite dress I can’t bear to part with even though it is getting shabby. It reminds me of her and when she said that morning that it was pretty and I answered, “Oh I only wear this when I don’t care how I look.” Our history, calling back to a favorite movie, our affection, and how much I will always miss her.

  5. Hick from Styx says:

    Joan Didion captured perfectly the magical thinking of grief. The things we keep are physical symbols of our memories, not necessarily things of importance. Sometimes there are no objects to keep, so we keep the clothing we wore on the day we got the dreaded phone call, or the clothing we wore to the memorial service. Sometimes we cannot bear to keep these reminders at all.

    Grief is the land of emotion, not logic. There are no rules.

  6. MariaO says:

    That essay on the clothing of grief was beautiful. I’m looking down at my right hand, at my great aunt’s wedding ring, which I wear because she is dead and I am not dead.

    Someday I will die, but not yet. Wait for me, Tia.

  7. Melissa Kaye says:

    Thank you for posting the essay on clothing and grief. My husband has terminal cancer, and because of his huge gradual weight loss since being diagnosed, I am constantly thinking about his clothing. First there is the set of clothes that he wore before the diagnosis. Way to big. I buy him clothes, trying to keep up with the weight loss. Then there is the small set of clothes that (sort of) fit him now. I look in his closet often and look at the before and the after — each set representing loss. Sometimes I fast forward in my head and think about the day when I’ll have to empty the closet of both sets. Sometimes I wonder which item I will keep, if any.

  8. KimFrance says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Melissa. My thoughts are with you.