Tuesday 21st September 2021
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Friday links

  • Seven of the coolest rooms anywhere. (Mental Floss)
  • 25 notable women on style. (The Cut)
  • This supercut of the early roles of some 2017 Oscar nominees is not unentertaining. (Flavorwire)
  • Hideous. (Jezebel)
  • These photos of gangsters, prostitutes, and drag queens in Tokyo’s red light district, circa the late 60s-early 70s, are rather intense. (Dangerous Minds)
Posted on February 24th, 2017 6 Comments

6 Responses

  1. c.w. says:

    I pee with LBGT. #45 & co. can go f&*k themselves.

    If anyone “here” has a chance to enter a James Turrell installation––GO. One of my favorite artists around.

    The quotes from the 25 women on style are weirdly comforting.

    • Debra says:

      EXACTLY re: the quotes. I didn’t know I needed to read Vreeland’s, Rossellini’s and all of the other ladies’ thoughts on style today but I did. Just as you pointed out, it was comforting and. . . something else that I can’t put my finger on but they sure made me feel good!

      • Debra says:

        Uplifting. That’s the word I was looking for — uplifting! Boy, when you have to rack your brain for that word and can’t come up with it you know that things aren’t going well.

  2. DeDe says:

    That Rei Kawakubo quote, holy sh*t!

  3. Velma says:

    Yayoi Kusuma’s Infinty Mirrored Room and Obliteration Room are being exhibited, along with other works, at the Hirshorn Museum in Washington DC. Lines are long; you have 30 seconds to contemplate your existence in each installation.