Monday 15th August 2022
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Wardrobe classic: the striped button-down

Street style—striped button-downs

I love a striped button-down: it’s so classic and fresh and masculin/feminin in the best possible way. Mostly I wear them with jeans—oversized and half-tucked—but they’re great with skinny trousers and skirts too. Very smart. I don’t own very many of them because I’m quite picky about which ones clear the bar, but here are a few that do.

& other stories shirt—striped shirts

This  one is cut for an oversize fit—just how I like it—and the blue is exactly right.

Madewell shirt—striped shirts

And here’s one that’s flannel, which is just so nice and toasty this time of year.

J Crew Shirt—striped shirts

A nice, crisp poplin number.

BP shirt—striped shirts

A slightly unorthodox choice, but I think it’s fun.

Equipment shirt—striped shirts

Some of the stripes here are actually rows of dots, which is cool.

And finally: I’m very tempted by this cotton band-collar from Everlane.

Posted on January 31st, 2017 9 Comments

9 Responses

  1. karen says:

    Like all these, but nothing fitted here – with darts – which is what I’ve looked for everywhere.

  2. land/speed record broken while ordering that striped flannel! also, I am COLD. . .

  3. c.w. says:

    I bought my third Frank and Eileen shirt a couple of weeks ago. I seem to be unable to resist them.

    • Mamavalveeta03 says:

      Aren’t they the BEST?!? I’ve got a collection going. I’ve also got an older iteration of the J Crew but in black/white stripes. And I’m loving the collarless Everlane.

  4. thank you – I love every single one of these striped shirts! I can probably only justify buying the flannel, don’t have a striped shirt in flannel YET (but lots and lots of silk, cotton and linen ones).

  5. ar says:

    button downs in stripes, gingham or plain light colors are my weakness. usually uniqlo especially those old +J ones. j crew too!

  6. lmd says:

    I picked up the unorthodox choice at Nordstrom. It is great. The fit is relaxed and sexy. Kinda feels like wearing your boyfriends pj top.