Friday 18th June 2021
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For what are you thankful?


Now more than ever, we’ve got to be able to access our gratitude—there are actual studies proving that literally naming the things we are grateful for on a regular basis leads to higher degrees of happiness, and that’s only going to become more important as these weird times stretch on. So please do share. As for me, I’m so, so grateful for my dear friends and family, of course, and for the dogs. I’m grateful for my happiness, and my sobriety, something I haven’t shared with you before, but am now. And I am desperately grateful to all of you, and the exemplary community you’ve built here. I have been so pleased and proud of the way you all came together as a community in the days after the election to lend strength to and support one another. And the civil and engaging spirit in which you have disagreed, when debate was called for. Keep on speaking up. And have a great holiday.

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  1. Aimee says:

    My family and my health.

  2. laurajeanorama says:

    Grateful fo be able to be an artist for a living and for the freedom to voice my opinion.

  3. Heather says:

    My friends and that I’m able to spend a lot of time outside.
    Kim, congratulations on your sobriety. That’s a huge accomplishment.

  4. Jana says:

    Kim, I’m a firm believer in the importance of living a grateful life, so I logged on this morning to tell you how thankful I am to you and this space. I was going to comment under today’s post, whatever that was, but you provided the perfect “thankful” forum (great minds and all…).

    Anyway, thanks to you, my dear. As someone said a few days back, you set the tone–I think that’s one reason this place doesn’t devolve into name-calling and vitriol. I first came here for the style and links (which I will always love!), but lots of places on the web offer that; I stay because of YOU. I love the glimpses into your inner life, how it often matches my own. And it extends outward–I have come to know & love the personalities of the commenters here. Who doesn’t need a little Viajera to start their day?!

    To answer your question, I am thankful for friends, family and health, imperfect as they all are. Most of all, I am thankful (and proud) that I have held on to my happiness, my spark–that ain’t always easy in these times.

    Big love to you and yours, Kim. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all you nasty women. I wish all of us peace and happiness.

  5. c.w. says:

    My kids. My sweet puppy dog. My beau who really and truly loves me. My good health. And this year particularly, in these troubling times, my diverse circle of friends who keep me buoyed when I feel I will sink into the void. And my great good fortune to be able to live for six months (minus one day) in a house near the ocean––my happy place.

  6. y.k. says:

    i have a lot to be grateful for, health, family, money. i dont have a career & i never really did so that hurts but i have everything else when so many have nothing, i know that & i am grateful.

    at this ripe old age of 52 I’ve gotten to be unexpectedly nostalgic for the bad/good old days so i like this connection to the people who were there too. like how do you explain bonne bell 7up flavor lipsmacker to a 25 year old. well, it’s not that hard, but it’s not the same.
    happy thanksgiving!

  7. Lisa says:

    So much to be grateful for, but today in particular, grateful for my meditation teachers. Who studied, developed skillful practice, and then shared with their students like me. Metta!

  8. Jill says:

    Congratulations to you on your sobriety, Kim.

    I’m grateful to be a woman, to have a few loved ones who understand and accept me, my home and health.

    All good thoughts to you and yours over the holiday.

  9. Hillary says:

    I am grateful for many things but today, this morning, I am grateful for hearing a Cranberries song on the radio on the fine alternative radio station we are lucky to have on my town. I was transported. It was glorious.

  10. jlhm says:

    I am grateful for my sons, my future daughter-in-law, my health, my sister, and my ability to reason.

  11. Emily says:

    I am thankful to still be here – it has been one of the most challenging years of my life, and there were many times I wasn’t sure I’d make it through. And for my children, who are the sole reason I push on through it all. Their names are on my bulletin board in my office to remind me why I keep doing this, even when the burdens seem insurmountable.

  12. Bailie says:

    For my husband, we have had a hard year but even at the hardest times he was just there and then picked up the pieces and moved us on while letting me cry and rage when I needed it.

  13. KJ says:

    I’m grateful for my sobriety too. Especially this time of year.

  14. Rita says:

    I am grateful for my children and husband, and their capacity for expressing their love.

    I am grateful for my health, which while not perfect, is not currently limiting what I can do.

    I am grateful for the years I have gotten so far, and that (unlike in times past), I am content and happy with a smaller life, not feeling like I have failed if I have not changed the world. That I can change the world in smaller ways.

    And I am grateful for online havens like GOACT. In a world where vitriol seems to be multiplying exponentially, I am very thankful for those spaces where we can laugh and cry and share safely.

  15. DeDe says:

    I am grateful to have so many things to be grateful for: my wonderful husband, my sister, my cats. A kick-ass blue community in a sea of red and good neighbors on all sides. Food on the table, a nice house, a closet full of clothes I love and a car with seat heat. An awesome teal couch we got on sale. 😉

    I’m thankful for the best of my country: diverse, hard-working, creative, open, and generous people willing to fight for our democratic values. We do not back down and we do not give up!

    And I am thankful to every one of you here, for the smarts and wit, the eternal love of stripes, and committment to sane, thoughtful interaction.

    Last but totally not least, I am thankful to you, Kim. For creating and maintaining this space, for being unafraid to throw down for what you believe, for setting the tone, as others have said. Your graciousness and class are inspiring. And heartfelt congrats on your sobriety. So many people never get there – I’m glad you did.

  16. mary says:

    thankful for this opportunity! Thankful for 3 adult children all “home” this holiday with wonderful partners. SO thankful! Also for my husband, their dad–41 years together. Thankful for going through and surviving breast cancer–thankful for my new breast and even the scars. Thankful for yoga, for ability to move, for getting to 65 and feeling really good.For work I care about. Thank YOU, Kim–I like this space you create. Celebrate your sobriety–a wonderful gift. My husband has been sober 31 years!

  17. Jan says:

    Nature — the transformative power of the ocean, the sky, the slant of winter light during the Golden Hour. The National Parks in this country, that provide such amazing places to visit and explore. Good health, good friends and loving family. A sense of hope despite our current political climate. The organizers and all who plan to walk and protest the day after Inauguration. And you, Kim — for your voice and creating this space. Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Bex says:

    My fractured family is a source of never-ending angst (except for my nephew, who is awesome!), so I’m really grateful to have good friends who support me during the rough times.

  19. Mary Alice says:

    Grateful for my beautiful, smart and funny daughters, for having a nice house and a good job and the travels I have taken and have planned; thankful that my sister survived breast cancer and that my brother’s healthy again; thankful for my dear friends, both near and far – and I include you and the ladies of this wonderful space, because you all make me laugh and think and you validate my belief that most people are good. Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Mae says:

    Thankful that I always seem to hear the words I need to hear when I’m getting lost. Those words often come from you, Kim. Thanks for your honest, kind voice.

  21. Mary says:

    I have been a lurker on your site (which I love) for years, but this morning feel compelled to comment. Grateful for my fingers and toes. Grateful for sobriety. Grateful to know that H.P. is resourceful and will take this big fat mess our country is in and turn it around by the hard work, perseverance, commitment and vision of those who will fight back. Have a nice Thanksgiving. Also, love the photo, can you share the photo credit?

  22. Debbie L says:

    Just wanted to say hello from a new fan. Found my way here thanks to your essay being published on NYMag. Are you *SURE* you don’t want to write a memoir? 🙂

  23. jen says:

    I’m thankful for my family, my husband and my amazing group of girlfriend who always make me laugh. I’m also grateful I work in an industry that’s supportive of women (real estate). This job allows me to live well and travel extensively. I hope it continues.

    I love this blog for many reasons but especially that you choose to post about feelings/hopes/desires as well as good fashion. Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Jenny says:

    I’m thankful for my son, who loves me just as I am and makes me laugh. I’m thankful for my husband because things between us are often difficult, but never boring or lazy. I’m thankful for the Headspace meditation app, which is changing my mind & life. I’m thankful for good flat shoes & wool socks. I’m especially, teary-eyed thankful that I have a job I love so much that I wish I could come to work on Thursday & Friday, and thankful also that I have amazing friends who I will be seeing & celebrating with instead. (And I’m thankful I’m not a robot.)

  25. I2I says:

    Im thankful for my mixed up nutters trump supporting family, they made me and I know they are good people, and they will force me to think with an open mind & heart about all the other trunpsters….
    thankful for my community, so flaming blue and diverse and amazing…in the grocery today I heard at least 5 different languages!!
    thankful for my clever mind- its gotten me this far…and so grateful for my SO..a cool generous man who takes me as I am…with little complaint!

    also, kittens…

  26. Abbie says:

    #sobriety #22years #sogladyousaidthat #nothingelsematters

  27. Kirstjen says:

    I’m thankful for my home, my job, my friends, sweaters & long johns & down coats in the winter, my passport and my health. I’m also thankful for finding, as I’ve hosted many young people in my home in the past few months & they have actually made me hopeful for the future.

  28. Wendy says:

    I’m grateful for my mind, my health, my friends and family, animals in general, every drop of human kindness shared, art, music, great writing, nature, and the ability to laugh whenever possible. I’m also grateful to you, Kim, for sharing your thoughts at a difficult time. I’m a style and culture junkie, and admire a number of style blogs, but oddly, though I know some bloggers felt it wasn’t in their wheelhouse to comment on the election, I felt a stronger kinship with those that took a chance and told us how they were feeling, coping, and what they planned to do next. Please keep it up. Common ground, uncommon ground, it’s the dialogue that matters. Thanks for that. And the shoes. Gotta love cool shoes.

  29. Todd Jason says:

    I’m grateful that you’ve given me a cool link to post to my social medias. Bon long weekend! xox

  30. Donna says:

    I am thankful for friends and family, my health and the ability to keep on learning about things that are of interest to me. I am thankful to live in this wonderful country where I can travel wherever I want, here and abroad and also read whatever I want.I am thankful for all of my freedoms.

  31. Monix says:

    Brit here who don’t do Thanksgiving but wish we did because, well as this posts shows, makes us so damn grateful for things above politics and religion. Wishing you all fabby holiday times and to keep ” going high ( as others go low)” it” truly the GOASA mantra.

  32. Lulabelle says:

    I am so grateftul to have
    children who bring so much joy to me and others and their
    bright futures. I am grateful that we have a roof over our heads and don’t have to worry where our next meal is coming from like so many people in the world.
    I am also grateful to have a job and life in a liberal minded
    community during these decisive and turbulent times.
    Thank you Kim for giving us the space to remembering what we are grateful for.

  33. Debra says:

    I’m thankful for this post & for everyone who has shared thoughts today. Like many of you, I’m thankful for good health & a steady income.I’m thankful – and it’s not easy to say this – that this exercise has forced me to face some uncomfortable facts about my life. For that kick in the butt, I am grateful to you all.

  34. Sarah T says:

    Years ago when I was in a bad place, a friend suggested a technique to help me focus on what was good when everything felt bad. Basically, you find something you are grateful for or that makes you happy in that moment – no matter how small and no matter how bad you might be feeling about the “bigger picture”. It can be “I love this sweater, it’s so cosy and warm” or “I am really enjoying this cup of coffee”. It works so well! I still do it all the time even though life is generally good these days. Right now I am enjoying having damp hair on a warm, sunny day and the smell of my shampoo. Sounds silly but it’s making me smile!

  35. Karen h says:

    I’m grateful for being here now and not 100 years ago, I’m hopeful that some women will say the same thing 100 years from now.
    I’m thankfull for being an American, and again, hopeful that some women will say the say in another 100 years

  36. Ann says:

    I just had to comment today as I really love this post. I stopped drinking four years ago and I am so grateful that I did particularly at this time of year. Also grateful for my family, my adorable dog and life in general.
    Thanks so much

  37. Judi says:

    I am thankful, as someone who grew up as an honest to goodness American expat, to live in this messy and exceptionally imperfect experiment that we call democracy. I am thankful, in a year that has been possibly the hardest of my life, for my husband, who invites me to keep it real by letting things go. I am thankful to be a woman – yes, even at this immense and dreadful time of challenge. I am thankful, at a time when there is so much chatter and fake everything on the interwebs, for places like GOACA that create *real* community. I am thankful for commenters who remind me of my beloved Bonne Bell lip smackers (Dr. Pepper!). I am thankful for real friends who stick with me and virtual friends (may I?) like you, Kim, whose bravery inspires me every day (congratulations!). I am thankful that I am not too broke to help others continue to eat, I am obviously way too thankful for the almighty comma (you should see me with the serial one). And finally, I am selfishly very thsnkful for all of the incredibly curated selections on this site – some of which, someday, I hope once again to be able to afford.

  38. pamela gene daley says:

    Yikes! I lost my husband of 32 years who died unexpectedly in June. We were custom jewelers (code for always poor but happy) so I lost the business too and then the house! But I didn’t lose my friends or my kittehs who have literally kept me alive and going. Old friend in NOLA even let me move in! 2016: THAT’S ENOUGH!!

    I’m still so spacey and sad that gratitude feels out of focus but saying it all out loud really does help. Spending Thanx Day at AA.

    You’re th best, Kim. Thanx for you.

  39. Rosie says:

    My husband had a bone marrow transplant in 2014 and is doing great, I am always grateful for that.

    I am grateful I grew up in the 60’s with the Beatles.

    My house is clean, I have a place to go for Thanksgiving.

  40. Mdot says:

    Thankful for you for creating this honest, smart and stylish space where honest, smart and stylish women can learn and connect.

  41. Loree says:

    So many things! From work that stimulates me and lets me be in the zone, students who join me there and keep me on my toes, my family who keeps it real, my husband who has made me a better person, crunchy autumn leaves, cashmere, plush wool, rubbing my dog’s stomach, a great book and the ability to read and understand complex topics, and GOACA! One of the first things I look for each day. Happy Thanksgiving!

  42. Alexa says:

    I have too many things to be grateful for to list here, so I’ll just give the very top: my smart, funny, healthy daughter, my husband who has stuck with through, dark times, a group of friends who *get* me (and vice-versa). My dog, my house, my health..
    All of which I often take for granted. I’m thankful you reminded me not to.

  43. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    All the best to you, Kim, on this Thanksgiving Day! You lead by example, you know.

    I’m so thankful for my beyond patient husband, my 3 daughters, and my 2 grandchildren (about to be 3!!!) who all keep me hangin’ on.

  44. belle says:

    Congrats Kim!

    I’m grateful to have friends, a job and a safe/warm place to lay my head every night, delicious and healthy food, and general good health. I am grateful to all of you who show up on this forum in the spirit of collaboration and celebration. These are just a some from my list.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you all have a true connection with your loved ones and pleasant contact with the strangers you pass today.

  45. gablesgirl says:

    Thanks, Kim. Grateful for my husband, dog and sobriety. And loved this…

  46. Debra says:

    Thank you, Kim. I’m grateful for my family, health and a job. I’m grateful my kids are doing well. I’m happy you are doing well. I’d also like to express my appreciation to you for this fun, interesting blog and all the work you do to make it so. It’s often a bright spot at the end of a tiring, frustrating, too much election angst day.

  47. Hick from Styx says:

    I am grateful for all the above. I am grateful for my sister, and my sister friends and my virtual sisters in the virtual world. I am grateful for the freedom that allows me to find community wherever it is in the world, any time, on my phone. Community is not a physical place any more. Thank you, Kim, for your community and for your courage in more ways than one.

    And one more thing: I am grateful for courage and the indomitable, inexplicable human spirit, which gives us strength to forge on, even when the going gets tough. Never underestimate the power of the human spirit!

  48. Susan says:

    I am grateful for sitting here reading GOACA in my Karen Neuberger fleece jammies, Thorlo socks, and Stegebauer felt clogs.

  49. Adrien says:

    I’m thankful for my friends and family, for my cat Daniel, for good weather, for health insurance that doesn’t suck, that I’m finally over a cold, for cashmere, for mountain biking, and for the promise of summer. Oh, and boots.

  50. My partner, the kindest man I’ve ever known. He tells me every day how much he loves me and how happy he is that I moved in with him.

    My daughter, who’s had a rough go of it but still bounces back. When I read her website (, I realize how strong she is despite so many physical and psychological setbacks, and how caring she is despite her limited number of spoons. If I didn’t have her as a daughter, I’d want her as a friend.

    My best pal, a kickass woman who refuses to compromise on life. I’m in awe of her.

    The Pantsuit Nation Facebook page, even though I fall down that particular rabbit hole for way too much time most days.

    A job (freelance personal finance/intentional living writer) that lets me make a difference.

    The fact that I have reliable sources of food, clean water, shelter and books. A whole lot of people in the world can’t say that.

    Sites like this one, because they let us reach out to sisters we might otherwise never have met. Even if we never meet in real life, it’s good to know like-minded individuals are out there.