Tuesday 21st September 2021
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Things I bought, things I want: The Zero+Maria Cornejo sale

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 5.16.21 PM

I feel like it’s practically a public service announcement to let you guys know about the Maria Cornejo sale, because it is just so good, with discounts plunging to 60%. I went for this poncho, because I’ve been eyeing it all season and it’s got a really great neckline, and pockets, which is never not a plus.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.19.02 PM

I believe this tote to be best-looking tote maybe ever. If I worked in an office, I’d feel so damn chic carrying it every day.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.24.40 PM

Such a graceful, elegantly drapey dress that would be perfect for those black-tie events you guys are always writing me to say you don’t know what to buy for.



Posted on December 23rd, 2015

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