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Because what’s worse than gloppy lip gloss in the stinking heat?

tarte lip smooth

Have I mentioned yet how perfect Tarte’s chubby little lip color pencils are for summertime? How they go on super-lightweight, but impart a surprisingly strong pop of color? And that they go on smooth and are quite emollient, which one might not necessarily expect from a beauty product that comes in pencil form? All true.

Posted on June 24th, 2013 4 Comments

Cheap and chic of the week


I know, enough with the Zara already. But I have seen pretty much precisely these sandals at three times the price—wouldn’t it be terribly wrong not to share that with you?

Posted on May 31st, 2013 8 Comments

Shopping for pretend: Kick Pleat and Myth & Symbol

brochu walker

Two Texas boutiques—because Memorial Day is alarmingly close, which means summer is not too far away. And Texans know what’s what when it comes to dressing for the stinking heat. I’ve been a big fan of Austin’s Kick Pleat for years, and pop in whenever the rare opportunity rolls around to visit Austin: the vibe is lively and fun, but never silly trendy. This Brochu Walker dress is everything that is meant by the word breezy.


I almost never go in for a pink dress—even the tiniest hint  of girly comes off all wrong on me—but this one has a kind of slouchy, weekendy sophistication that I can really get behind.

black crane

And from Myth and Symbol in Houston, a store I just recently discovered while puttering around the web, and which seems to work an ever-so-slightly arty but still quite streamlined angle: a perfectly clean drawstring waist shift from Black Crane. The short, just-a-wee-bit flowy sleeves are so much more flattering than no sleeves at all.


Another nicely long dress—all the best summer dresses are on the longer side, no?—with a flatteringly high waist and bold, almost tribal print.


Posted on May 8th, 2013 11 Comments

6 white pieces that’ll make you look crisper than you feel in the awful heat

The no-white-before-Memorial-Day rule is, of course, the very essence of arbitrary. If you do not already, you should flout it just as frequently and flagrantly as you like. I certainly try my best to. But the truth of the matter is, it’s not until the weather gets all sticky and ick that I really crave white for its near-magical ability to fake up a certain pulled-together, breezy look that couldn’t be further from my natural state.

Yes, I bang the drum around here for asymmetrical pieces an awful lot, but this Helmut Lang keyhole tank is just too fantastic. It’s super-sexy on its own, and makes for an entirely different—and much more more subdued—statement under a jacket. The only minus:  this is the kind of piece that absolutely absolutely defies you to wear a bra with it—as you can clearly see from the rear view.

This looks like maybe the easiest summer dress ever. And I’m even willing to break my no-maxis rule for it too, because the slightly higher front makes things flow a bit more gracefully.

This gauzey  number from J. Crew is like the most pared-down peasant top of all time.

You do not have to be stick-thin to wear white jeans just as long as you find a pair with more of a boyfriend cut—which is such a cooler way to wear white jeans in any case. This pair by Current Elliott is excellently slouchy.

I love ALC even as I believe that pretty much everything they make is about 20% more expensive than it should be. Sometimes, however, that is the price one might find herself  willing to pay for something as exactly right as this clean-lined, old-school Halston-y looking top.

It is very nearly impossible—if it is at all your desire to do so—not to feel a little Mick-and-Bianca’s wedding in a sharp-cut white summer blazer.

Posted on June 5th, 2012 10 Comments

A lot of action on the shoe front

For those of you who’ve had a tough time sleeping or focusing at work as a result of wondering how this dilemma has played itself out:

I picked these up Saturday at Steve Madden.  They are infinitely comfortable, and the shade seems good for for this time of year. And I know what you’re thinking, but the sole is not the deal-killer that it appears to be, as the hue in real life is less a gummy pink than a neon pink. Not at all Bass Weejun, I promise. Plus, the sole of your shoe isn’t something that’s on display in most scenarios; it’s something you mostly  just get the occasional flash of—which because the color in the case is so contrast-y with the neutral—is actually kind of fun. And they’re $89.95 and you can’t beat that.  Also:


I saw these, which remind me of some of the sandals from the collaboration K. Jacques did with Opening Ceremony, only more versatile. And finally: because I fear  your preoccupation with the topic might be making it tough for you to properly care for your children and  observe traffic laws—this is how I resolved the whole platforms thing.

Posted on June 4th, 2012 10 Comments

I love platforms

They’re just a brilliant invention—all of the height of regular heels, with just a fraction of the discomfort. I wear them all summer, pretty much everywhere, because flats make me feel like a cow and flip flops are strictly for weekends and walking the dog. But summer is hell on shoes, and right now I’ve got exactly two pairs in rotation: one new, and one survivor from last year that’s fading fast. Here are a few possible successors.  All chosen for their not-too-highness and supreme walkability.

This one comes off all chic and understated in an expensive French girl way—and yet it is Steve Madden and just as affordable as you please.

Platform clogs are crazy-loud—seriously, you can hear yourself galumphing down the street in them—but you can’t beat them on the whole super-casual-and-extra-cute front.


Sorry, but I think these are awesome.


You’re not going to win any sexy points wearing this fairly subdued pair from APC, but that can’t always be the endgame.


Similarly not-hot, but also not without its charms: this black-and-blue pair by Rachel Comey.

Posted on May 31st, 2012 16 Comments