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The mini-mall of hip

lost & found

Lost & Found might be my new favorite shop in Los Angeles, in large part because its concept is just so excellently LA:  a bunch of mini-boutiques, occupying five adjoining storefronts in an old deco-ish strip, in and out of which you just wander, as if you’re at a super-cool theme park. The goods are an eclectic mix: Frenchy and boho, but with plenty of chic spins on classic themes. The stock ranges from design objects to clothes (for both sexes) to jewelry. And while the clothes are fantastic, Lost & Found sadly has the worst website design of any store I’ve ever loved. So I’m focusing on a bunch of other great stuff. Of which there is much.


The most artfully crafted-to-look-perfectly-worn-in belt ever. Crazy pricey, but I’m dying over that buckle.


This gold bracelet works that whole rough-hewn/classic angle really well.


There is certainly no shortage of arrow jewelry out in the retail universe at the moment, but I like how subtle  this little option is.


Sure, you could talk yourself out of buying this limited-edition bee serigraph by artist Sage Vaughn, but why would you?


Just a little burst of terracotta happiness.


Liberty. Napkins.



I don’t know if I can adequately express to you how many throws they had at Lost & Found. I was particularly partial to this bright little number



The mini-boutique for kids was, no surprise, just beyond.

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