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Heat styling

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 6.17.38 PM

I would argue that come summertime, the perma-wrinkled white button-down is just as appealing as its crisp and freshly-ironed sister, in large part because it just makes good practical sense to proactively factor in the rumpled effect before the weather even gets an opportunity to ruin your look. And how cute is that little heart on the pocket? Normally I’d find a detail like this way too dear, but the shape is so winningly casual and dashed-off, almost like somebody drew it on with a wee Sharpie.

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And it’s cheap!

One of the items on my rotating dream closet wish list of life: a super-spiffed army jacket that a girl can feel like a grown-up wearing.  And is this not exactly that? I’d venture to say that the collar is downright elegant. Best of all: it rings in just under $150.

Posted on November 20th, 2012 2 Comments

Bracelets like crazy—for cheap

Amusing, isn’t it, how kids today think they invented the whole armful-of-bracelets thing? Especially since: cruise-ship heiress and provocateur Nancy Cunard, as photographed by Man Ray in 1926? Which was, like, practically a century ago?

And Renee Perle, lover and muse of epochal French photograhper Jacques Henri Lartigue?

And I’m sorry, but also: Borderline era Maddy? Lest we forget? Perhaps when we were young, we too thought everything was our idea, but I don’t think we did: Gen X-ers, sandwiched as we were between two of the most self-loving generations our nation has ever seen—boomers and millennials—have only upon reaching our seriously grown up years stopped selling ourselves short. (Which only seems right, considering  how awesome we are.) As you may or may not imagine, this is a topic about which I could go on.

And on. But today we are here to discuss stacked  bracelets—ones that might help one pull off the look while also looking like an adult.* Also, everything here is under $75. This cute little number would cost like $200 if Isabel Marant was selling it. It comes in black too, but I somehow feel like the red is more special.

I like how the little nugget beads here come off all rock and roll, only softer.

Nothing beats a nice pre-mixed stack of bangles, especially when somebody with a much better eye than mine has done such a good job of mixing metals.

From our new BFFs at Maiden Nation: this bracelet is  handmade by HIV-positive women in Etiopia using melted-down bullet casings and recycled metals. Talk about a guilt-free purchase: I might feel bad if I don’t buy one.

I’m throwing this evil eye in here too, because an evil eye is just good juju.

And this is for all the lovers of itsy little skulls, as experience has taught me you are out there.


The only way I could possibly love this excellently graphic ethnic bracelet more is is if it were a top.

Just ever-so-punk and not a tiny bit more.

*There was a time and a place for friendship bracelets, and that time and place was camp. For me.




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Consider the turtleneck

I’m not a big fan of the turtleneck: when they’re too form-fitting, they don’t look all that cool, and the roomier ones can veer so shlumpy. I’ve also got a whole thing about needing all my tops and sweaters to show at least a little bit of collarbone: it’s such a universally flattering—and depending on what you’re wearing, sexy—part of the body. Like the modest girl’s cleavage. But I enjoy a challenge as much as the next girl. And so when my always stylish cousin Suzanne requested a post on them I went with it.  This one from J. Crew is about as classic as they come, and the excellent blue would look so good with skinny black pants.

(Can I also just say that although I used to seriously loathe cable necks and view them as the lowest of low on the totem of preppy style, I am now finding them quite cute? This one from Zara is so fun with the contrasting knit on the sleeves.)


This is pretty much the ideal big, huggy weekend weekend sweater.

I like how slouchy this one is, but not at the expense of figure-flattery.

And I surprise myself by liking this one, but there’s something rather psychedelic apres ski about it that both amuses and delights.



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Shoes I want for fall: part 3 in a series whose length is impossible to predict

I love a riding boot that comes all the way up to the knee, instead of stopping a few inches shy of it, like too many do. This always strikes me as a quite elegant look—very Equestrian Lady—and it somehow feels more flattering too. I saw these in the window of  Brooks Brothers today (one’s horizons widen in interesting ways when one’s geography unexpectedly shifts) and I think they’ve got a lot going for them. The lacing up the back at first feels a touch off, but in fact is genius: it means that they can accomodate a larger calf if necessary, and also that you can adjust them to fit just the exact right amount of snugly against your leg.

Sometimes a girl just has to go for the pair that looks like it’s already been broken in.

The ombre/burnished bit going on at the toe and heel of these appeals.

I love a harness, especially on a boot that hasn’t been too junked up in other ways (sadly, the two often go hand in hand). But this Steve Madden pair gets it right. And they’re on sale, which: exciting!

A big fat exposed zipper is the type of detail that isn’t always a home run on a boot, but it works here.

You guys, these are Aerosoles, which means they’ll be as comfortable as the day is long—and they’re under $100, and you can’t beat that.

On the splurgier side: The super-subtle patchwork-y detail on this LD Tuttle pair is exactly the type of thing that would normally make me drop a pair of boots from consideration altogether, but I’m pretty sure it’s exactly what makes me like these.

It’s taken all the will I can muster not to try on this pair every time I pop in to Rag & Bone, because I know I will fall immediately under their spell and be powerless against my desire to buy them. I’m  particularly compelled by how grown-up tough they look, and that they feel just as moto as they do equestrian.



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Consider the pea coat

All the women whose style I most admire have at least one pea coat that they wear to death. Which is not to say that they all dress the same: the very beauty of the pea lies in its mutability. Some, like my friend Tribeca Mom, do their pea coats straight up and neat, with a sweater, a skirt, and maybe just the simplest Ted Muehling drop earrings. Much like Love Storys Jennifer Cavalleri might, if she existed in another space-time continuum, and had lived to have children and volunteer on Harvest Day at the City and Country School.

Others, employing Jane Birkin as their spirit guide, take the pea coat in a more sophisticated direction, mixing it up with lots of black on black, all sexy and French-like.

A good pea coat has the magical ability to make you appear twice as pulled together as you might otherwise. Check out Brooklyn’s own Michelle Williams: harried Boerum Hill mom, instantly de-shleppified.

And if drama is what you’re after, pea coats can totally make that happen too. As French Vogue’s Emmanuelle Alt so aptly demonstrates.

For a super-classic pea coat, you could do much worse than Sterlingwear of Boston, who have been supplying the US Navy  for 40 years. Everything about them is the real thing, right down to the little anchors on the buttons.

Also quite classic, and more lightweight: this Schott jacket.

This longer number from Mango is what Mlle. Alt might wear if she were forced into diminished circumstances and had to shop the high street. 

Is this checked tweed not unstoppably chic? I ask you?

And for all of your outdoorsy, kicking-around-on-the-weekend-y type needs? May I suggest this rugged little number from Superdry?

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