Thursday 9th February 2023
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Everything I wanted to buy this week

lotan blazer

I realized a while back that I can’t continue to shop at the pace I had gotten used to and expect to retain or accrue any savings whatsoever, so I’m trying really hard to be good. And for the most part, I have been. But this week tested my will in some meaningful ways, and I think I deserve a goddamned medal for not buying this truly quite perfect Nili Lotan denim blazer.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 10.28.45 AM

Or this bright yellow clutch, which I feel would make any outfit significantly cooler.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 10.30.11 AM

This phone case tempted me as well, with its excellent red and blue leopard print.

comey jacket

Retailers are starting to show fall clothes now if you can believe it, and mostly I’m not ready to look at any of it, but this Rachel Comey corduroy jacket is just so good.

tibi mules

These shiny bright red mules are a good height for walking, and would look as good with a dress as they would with jeans.

eber teddy

How adorable and comfortable-looking is this striped Teddy?

tee dress

And finally, here’s something I might very well let myself purchase, as it costs a mere $50: a tee dress from Everlane with a generous side slit that adds a nice dose of sophistication, and the tiniest hint of sexiness.

Posted on July 13th, 2018

11 surpassingly cute beach cover-ups

crew coverup

The tassels on this block-print number add a hit of fun.

pool coverup

A really breezy, light and rather come-hither option.

roller coverup

The embroidery against the red print is so excellently graphic here.

tommy coverup

There are few things sexier, in my book, that throwing an oversized boyfriend shirt on over your swimsuit.

seed coverup

The rickrack trim here is so bright and happy.

norah coverup

I find it tough to resist a good chevron stripe, and feel that this has potential beyond the beach.

seed coverup1

This has a great neckline and the subtlest high-low hem.

echo coverup

I dig the poppy tangerine hue here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 9.38.17 AM

Here’s a choice that would take you straight from the beach to cocktails.

burch coverup

This feels very sojourn-in-Morocco to me.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 9.42.44 AM

So flirty and sweet.


Posted on July 12th, 2018 8 Comments

A few beach essentials

water bottle

I love going to the beach above most other things, but have none of the right gear, and am looking to up my game in that respect. This water bottle, in a bright Liberty floral, would be a nice start.

towel harness

File this under totally unnecessary but pretty nifty: a leather towel harness for a more hands-free beach existence.


waxed tote

This insulated waxed canvas tote from LL Bean is backordered (this similar one is available) but it is so good it’s worth waiting for, I think. Such a stylish (and surely durable) way to carry your cold items.

beach towel

Such an excellently graphic beach towel that reminds me of this 1968 Olympics poster, which I covet hugely.


This bright tapestry makes a perfect beach blanket.

french basket

You can’t beat a French market basket for lugging all the essentials, and this is pretty well-priced (and also, check out this one with backpack straps).


bamboo plate

For those who are serious about conducting a civilized beach picnic, these lightweight bamboo plates are pretty cute.

wood cutlery

And how about some wood cutlery? I dig the look of this stuff, and it’s so damn convenient.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 12.16.36 PM

And finally: I seriously crave shade the moment I get to the beach, and am very tempted by this simple, stylish tent. It actually doesn’t look like it would be too tough to set up, either.

Posted on July 9th, 2018 9 Comments

Things I bought, things I want

emerson tunic

Well guys, I’m packing up the rental car and heading out to Sag Harbor for the 4th, so this will be my final post of the week. See you back here Monday, have a fantabulous holiday (share your own plans in the comments if you’re feeling so inclined), and meanwhile, check out this organic linen leopard print tunic from Emerson Fry, which is going to make the best beach cover-up.

lna tee

I suppose I’ve got animal prints on the brain, because I also think this tee is pretty great.

levis jeans

A pair of cropped Levi’s jeans that have a waistline that is high but not too high sounds exactly right at the moment.

heart blouse

I dig the kind of abstract heart print on this Anine Bing blouse.

adidas sneakers

The cracked-suede effect on these Adidas is so cool and weathered-looking.

veja sneaker

And more sneakers: the pink and red here really appeals.

matta dress

A super-lightweight, flowy hippie girl dress for wiltingly hot days.

Posted on July 3rd, 2018 9 Comments

Writing swimsuit posts always makes me cranky, 2018 edition

solid swim

Actually, this year I didn’t go to nearly as dark a place as I typically do looking at swimsuits, I think because there is no shortage of really cute, wearable options available right now that it almost makes the prospect of looking for one exciting. Almost. I am reasonably at peace with my body and its flaws, but nothing throws those flaws into sharper relief than trying on swimsuits in a poorly lit department store dressing room with unflattering mirrors, so I make all my purchases online: far better to have to deal with the pain in the ass of making a return than to endure the former. And with that thought in mind, let’s look at some suits: I like the bustier detail here: it’s just the right amount of fashiony.

la blanca

Strategic ruching keeps this one flattering.

nina swim

I typically avoid horizontal stripes in a swimsuit because they tend to widen one, but this red, white, and blue number is so well-cut that I still think it would look really good on.


This is made of some magical material that holds in your stomach, and I like the Grecian vibe of the design.

ganni swim

The smocking at the bustline here is so cute.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 1.13.00 PM

A polka-dotted halter suit is so excellently retroish.

lace swim

I usually don’t go in for lace-up anything, but it’s so well-executed here that I totally would.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 2.20.28 PM

And here’s a lace-up in extended sizes.

becca swim

This looks pretty bare without really exposing anything much.

mio swim

Diagonal stripes are kind of fun and new wave, and definitely slimming too.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 2.08.04 PM

Just a good classic tank suit.

army swim

I dig the army green and thin straps here.

kiini swim

I used to own this embroidered suit (and I’ve shown it to you before, I’m pretty sure) but the dog chewed it up. Now that it’s marked down I am tempted to (but probably won’t) spring for another, because it is so damn cute.

hoffman swim

The colorblocking here is bold without being too much.

stripe swim

This is rather spendy, but I think it’s just about the chicest thing ever.

tavik swim

And finally: I like the idea of a plunging neckline that doesn’t plunge too perilously deep.


Posted on July 2nd, 2018 27 Comments

I dig this stuff


I have oily skin—yes, even still, at this stage in the game—and in the summer, my face shines like a disco ball. I very much dislike the look of a face that looks powdered, however, and for that reason was thrilled to find Supergoop Invincible Setting Powder, which goes on super-translucent, and, even better, has an SPF of 45.

Posted on June 28th, 2018 16 Comments