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Friday links

simpson collage

  • These collages by artist Lorna Simpson are pretty spectacular. (Colossal)
  • Sephora will soon offer makeup classes for the transgender community. (Elle)
  • Creepy-cool vintage covers of classic crime novels. (Dangerous Minds)
  • Check out this butter art made by Tibetan Buddhists. (Atlas Obscura)
  • RIP Philip Roth, one of my favorite writers. Here are 20 of his books, ranked. (Vulture)



Posted on May 25th, 2018 1 Comment

Join me in my annual search for a reasonably clean-lined skirt

vince skirt

I don’t know when exactly it got so hard to locate a simple, unadorned skirt, but I feel like it’s been quite some time and I am frankly growing quite frustrated with the search. Why must designers add so much unnecessary frippery—ruffles, hi-lo hems, tricky belting—to this most straightforward of garments? I did manage to find enough good ones to bring you this post,  but I had to look at so many bad ones in order to do so that I’m feeling a little dizzy. So please, enjoy this very pretty front-twisted number from Vince while I go drink a nice big glass of water.

bing skirt

A straightforward, nicely flowy silk number from Anine Bing.

micro skirt

I haven’t included a lot of prints here—I really do like my skirts nice and simple, maybe even borderline boring—but the floral here is so subtle I decided it cleared the bar.

theory skirt

This Theory skirt is almost too tricky, but I think if you wore it with a simple white tee, it’d be aces.

fisher skirt

The shirttail hem here is a nice casual touch.

whistles skirt

I am not mad for wrap skirts—I live in fear that a big gust of wind will expose me to the world as I walk down the street—but I’d make an exception for this one.


nic skirt

True A-line denim skirts are tough to find, and this one is a touch flowier than that, but I could see living out all of my summer days in this.

whistles skirt1

I always like a button-front skirt.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.37.33 PM

And here’s another button-front, nicely priced.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.39.24 PM

It drives me crazy how few denim skirts have grown-up hemlines, so when I find a good one—like this—I feel it is my duty to share.

Posted on May 25th, 2018 14 Comments

A few picks from Nordstrom’s rather huge sale

suede tote

I’m pretty sure I showed you guys this suede tote before, but the fact that it’s now nicely marked down merited a repeat.

pink vans

Who doesn’t need a pair of pink Vans?

twist hem top

I like a twist hem top—so much easier than tucking, and they provide excellent stomach pooch camouflage.

etoile top

This Isabel Marant Etoile embroidered top looks so light and breezy—perfect for the scorching days soon to come.


And here’s another embroidered Etoile top that has actually been in my shopping cart for weeks now.

bucket bag

Such a good electric blue on this bucket bag.


Posted on May 24th, 2018 2 Comments

There are so many tops I want at Vince right now

vince top

As a brand, Vince is a little unpredictable. Sometimes, I feel like they churn out unspectacular-but-well-executed basics, nothing to get too excited about and definitely not worth the cash. But other times—like this season—they really hit their mark, and offer modern-looking classic pieces that somehow manage to get it exactly right. This top has the kind of print that is good for people who are mostly afraid of them.pleated shell

This pleated shell could be dressed way, way up—or, conversely, worn with jeans.

silk v neck

I’m a sucker for a drawstring sleeve: so excellently 70s.


A pullover that I could see taking on vacation: you could throw it on over your swimsuit at the beach, then wear it to dinner.



I like the tiny bead detail on this flutter-sleeve top.

poet blouse

A perfectly unadorned poet blouse.

shirred blouse

A nice and crisp tunic for when you want to look especially put-together.

flower shirt

A great, graphic floral print on a silk button-down—so perfect.

raw edge

This shirt is fabricated with a combination of cotton and silk, and I think it is probably the softest thing ever and has really nice drape.


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Wednesday links

dancer photo

  • Gorgeous, evocative portraits of dancers by photographers Ken Browar and Deborah Ory. (My Modern Met)
  • Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a production deal with Netflix. (Elle)
  • I’ve been pretty good about not posting any royal wedding links—I figure you’re all on overload by now—but I was amused by the Fug Girls’ rundown of what various guests wore. (Go Fug Yourself)
  • RIP Interview magazine. (WWD)
  • What a little shit. (The Cut)


Posted on May 23rd, 2018 8 Comments

Just in time for Memorial Day: weekenders


Can you even believe that Memorial Day is practically upon us? It sneaks up on me every year.  I have all the weekenders I need—I’ve got a little bit of a luggage problem—but I always get requests for this post once the weather turns warm, so here you go. This Fjallraven bag is kind of the perfect size, and I like the poppy blue.

adidas weekender

This is actually a gym bag, but I really like the pink.

tibi weekender

This splurgy denim and leather number is deeply chic.

loeffler tote

I love the rainbow-stripe handles on this Loeffler Randall tote.

bean weekender

A cute, kind of preppy option.

camo weekender

I like the combination of camo and stripes on this one from Herschel.

paravel weekender

A perfectly simple, elegant choice.

sole weekender

This has one of those separate bottom sections for shoes, which is so handy.

filson duffel

If you don’t mind making a little investment, you could do far worse than to acquire this classic duffel from Filson.

madewell weekender

This one from Madewell kind of somehow reminds me of the Filson bag, but it’s more reasonably priced.

bluma weekender

A combination of vintage and indigenous textiles makes this one truly standout .

leather weekender

The cheapest leather weekender I could find is this one from LL Bean.

mackage weekender

I do like a quilted bag, and this one is nicely marked down.

clare v weekender

Here’s a very sportif waxed canvas weekender from Clare V.




Posted on May 23rd, 2018 6 Comments