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Wake up and take the GOACA redesign poll, everyone (Poll closed)


(Poll closed)

As I mentioned a while back, Girls of a Certain Age is getting a little redesign. I’m not out to reinvent this site, just to update and refine it, and it is really important to me that in doing this, I don’t add some feature you all loathe, or get rid of something you might adore. This poll will take you no time at all to complete—it’s really quick, promise—and so I’m hoping a whole ton of you will respond. Thanks a million in advance, ladies.

Which of the following things would you like to KEEP on this blog?
Which of the following things could you DO WITHOUT on this blog?
Which of the following things would you like to START SEEING on this blog?
Posted on May 29th, 2018 21 Comments

21 Responses

  1. Linda Boardman Kerr says:

    The painting above: the color scheme reminds me of Maxfield Parrish. It it his work? What is it?

  2. MB says:

    LOVE the blog, it’s brilliant and inspiring and I appreciate all you share, thank you!

  3. ab says:

    Don’t kill RSS! I don’t understand why it’s not more popular; it’s amazing.

    • Viajera says:

      I don’t think it will get killed – lots of people spoke up for it on earlier design posts.

  4. Julia says:

    So, this isn’t about changing/adding features to the blog, but a request for a single post. I’m reasonably new to your blog and maybe you’ve already done this, and I just can’t find it…. How do you (and others) feel about a post on what “age appropriate” clothing means in this day and age? Are there things it truly doesn’t make sense to wear anymore, or if it’s 95 in the shade can you wear a sleeveless top even if you don’t have the “right to bare arms”? would love to know your/everyone’s thoughts on this.

  5. Erika says:

    This is my favorite blog. All of my other blogs I read on an aggregator (Bloglovin’) but this is too good…gotta read it as soon as you hit send!! You have a gift.

  6. joannawnyc says:

    I had too many answers! I can’t help it if I’m a fan 😉

  7. joannawnyc says:

    Oh, I thought of something–I think the email notification doesn’t have to have the full post–a click to read more would be fine with me. I’d rather see it on the site then in gmail.

  8. angie says:

    I have been reading this blog daily for a long time, been a Kim France fan for a long time. I found the suggested comments re: diversity (yeah, maybe it’s worthwhile but do YOU, or yeah, maybe it’s worthwhile but it would probably be HARD) to be really offensive. If it matters to you that you be inclusive or even more importantly, explore the difference that difference makes, cool. But it isn’t hard to find bloggers who are not 54 years old, jewish and white. right? RIGHT?

  9. Jules says:

    I have been reading this blog for as long as I can remember and I honestly buy so many of the clothes and products you suggest. It has also been a great source to find new internet shopping sites. Thanks for sticking around and not abandoning us. I think you bring fabulousness to more of us than you know! Thanks Kim!!!!

    • Amber says:

      Agree with all of this. When I had an office job, I sometimes wished for more tailored options, but would buy too much from the site anyway. I’m glad my lifestyle increasingly matches Kim’s aesthetic :).

      Also, as I’m getting older — I’m admittedly younger than the target GOCA reader, but still closer to 50 than 20 — I want fewer, better things (to crib from Cuyana). That makes me more attracted to the Maria Cornejo stuff I see here than the Mango. It’s not a big deal, but thought I’d cast a vote for ethical/spendy amid the pleas for affordability.

  10. Anne says:

    Mostly I come here to hear your voice and see your choices so that I can adapt them to my own body and style. I’ve discovered things here that I probably would have eventually stumbled across if I had been in the right section of Nordstrom, but then again, I might not have. Thanks for all you put out there!

  11. Allison says:

    I had too many answers and don’t quite know how to narrow… Anyway, I rarely comment, but I wanted to let you know that I love this blog. I read the NYTimes article (the only other site I check daily) on your blog when it was featured, read the back postings, and went forward. I would love to see a few things highlighted – petites and more tailored clothing (I’m bottom heavy so like more fitted tops); brands that are truly worth the money; would love to hear more re your personal essays (dying for your book); and would love your perspective on how to develop a style when you’re in your 40s and have no vision – but am also, for better or worse, a creature of habit, and love so much of the blog, I don’t have too many things I’d want to see changed. As long as you retain your voice and the comments section (I really enjoy so many of the regular commentators and the obvious community you’ve built), I’m a happy reader. And if you change it all… well, I’ll probably still be a very happy reader. A million thanks for what you’ve built!

  12. Ann Marie says:

    What I love about GOACA is everything it already is. I come here for Kim’s voice and Kim’s very cool style. I got a free subscription to Lucky when it launched because I was a proud magazine whore on my $6.25 per hour salary. And it was as if the credit card heavens parted and the buzzkilling store security voice that usually said please leave instead rolled out a red carpet lined with amazing shoes and purses and announced, “Ann Marie, we see you, you shopping-obsessed thing. Pages and pages and pages just for you.”

    I love that we’re not pummeled with celebrity crap—does anybody give a 1980s power suit about Kylie Jenner and her miracle post-pregnancy flat tummy at the physically elastic age of 20? I love that there are no millennial voices telling us what’s “lit AF,” and that quality and self-assured style stand far above the immediate and trendy.

    This is my fight song, girls.

  13. pamela gene daley says:

    Since only FIFTEEN total checks are allowed, maybe you should say that in the post?? The survey took me twice as long as it should have and it was already confusing – which is a surprise from you!

  14. Anne-Marieke says:

    Am I the only person that finds this ‘survey’ hilarious? Kim I would love to read more of your wicked sense of humour! More digressing posts please and keep doing what you’re doing.

  15. Ann says:

    Long time reader, never commented before. I’m not one to militate for or against change. I did love those playlists you posted a while back. More of those are always welcome!

  16. Dana D says:


    I love your blog the way it is. I’ll also find ways to love it if you change it.

    The survey IS hilarious…and I could have checked 50 boxes.

    Keep on keepin’ on…and keep it real…for keeps.

  17. Viajera says:

    Oh, btw … I think I already said this before, a few weeks ago … but one thing that would be very convenient would be if either all the photos have captions to show the maker … or if the link had the name in it, in addition to or instead of the “restyle” thing … so I can know which items are which when people discuss them in the comments w/out having to click through on all of them.

    Mind you, I say this while under the impression that you only get a commission if people *buy* things they click on, not just for looking.

    If you are getting some dough for the clicks too, then I withdraw the request – we all have to pay the piper.