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Monday links

movie poster

  • These vintage Russian movie posters are pretty cool.
  • Working mothers, this is funny. (New Yorker)
  • I was fascinated by this story of a new lynching memorial in Alabama. (NY Times)
  • In honor of the creator of Schoolhouse Rock, who died last week, here are the best songs he ever wrote for that series. (Vulture)
  • A cool resource for lovers of Prince. (The Purple Syllabus via Kottke)





Posted on April 30th, 2018 9 Comments

18 perfectly age-appropriate denim jackets

citizens denim

I get a lot of mail asking me when, exactly, is the right time to retire one’s denim jacket—there seems to be a popular perception that after a certain age, they’re no longer right. I’ve decided—as I do with most things—that there is no time limit on this particular article of clothing as long as you feel good wearing it (I also think they look better un-distressed, but that’s just me). So let your freak flag fly, ladies, and do enjoy the menagerie I’ve posted here, starting with this one, which has a cool slit up the side.

topshop denim

I like this one from Topshop because it’s black and slightly oversized, which makes it good for layering.

current denim

I like the snap buttons here.

barbour denim

This one is from Barbour, and I like the Barbour-ish cut, and the fact that there’s a subtle striped thing happening.

rebel denim

I like a collarless jacket, and this is so refined.

beard denim

Such a cute embroidered option from Veronica Beard.

great denim

And more embroidery, from The Great.

fisher denim

This is Eileen Fisher, but I think it’s really chic.

everlane denim

Everlane’s denim jacket was introduced not long ago, and it’s very nicely priced.

& other denim

This is cropped the exactly right amount—which is to say, not too much.

ag denim

Pastels are very big this season, and this pink one is a good way to engage that trend.

lam denim

I like the raw hems on the sleeves and collar here.

madewell denim

This one from Madewell has been cut apart then stitched back together, for a look that I think is very cool.


ag denim1

This moto-style jacket could almost stand in for a blazer.

frame denim

I like the tie neck here—very French.

ag denim2

Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that I would love a red denim jacket.

lang denim

I am a big fan of the exaggerated cuffs and zipper on this Helmut Lang choice.

Posted on April 30th, 2018 24 Comments

A note about GOACA

work in progress

We’re going to have a redesign in the coming months—not right away, but sooner than later. Part of the reason is because this site was built in 2012 and needs updating on a technical level quite badly, but also I think it might be fun to freshen up the look of things. It is very important to me that you all are on board with this, so I’m asking for your suggestions: what would you like to see here that isn’t here? What would you hate to see go? I’m talking about everything from actual content to visuals to the logo. Please share your thoughts. I can’t do this without you.

Posted on April 27th, 2018 75 Comments

Some pink items, just for kicks

pink speaker

This speaker is just too damn cute.

heath pink

A gorgeous vase from Heath Ceramics.

pink sugar

A nice, sturdy sugar bowl.

pink charger

This charger is something I desperately need, and is kind of a perfect gift for those hard-to-buy-for types.

pink headphones

These headphones are actually really chic.

pink tray

I’d use this tray for entertaining (if I ever entertained) or for catching stray scraps of paper on my desk/kitchen table.

pink table

Such an elegant side table for placing next to a sofa or even your bed.

rice cooker

And finally: why not a pink rice cooker?


Posted on April 27th, 2018 5 Comments

Top 5 of the week: army green pants


street style green

The army green pant is another item I’ve never included in a list of classics,but probably should—they are easy to wear, fun, and versatile as the day is long, and look as good with a tee as they do with something a little more dressed up. I like them on the slouchy side and typically size up for this reason.

theory army

I like the cropped length and clean lines of this pair from Theory.

clu army

A drop-crotch pant is definitely not for everyone, but I like them for kicking around on weekends.

beard army

The waistline on this pair from Veronica Beard is high but not too high, which is key.

I love the colorful ribbon down the seam of this Nili Lotan pair, and that they’re cut like chinos. Here is a (somewhat) similar and cheaper pair.

hm army

And here is an extended sizes pick, nicely priced.


Posted on April 26th, 2018 13 Comments

Wednesday links

underwater villa


Posted on April 25th, 2018 6 Comments