Wednesday 28th October 2020
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16 super-cute graphic tees

pam & gela tee

I thought that since yesterday I brought you a post on blazers, today I would deliver graphic tees to wear with them. Some of these are pricier than t-shirts really should be, but I’m willing to pay a little more for a piece that gets it exactly right, as I feel this one does: I love the tiger and the football stripes.

zadig tee

A lovely sentiment on a nice, slouchy tee.

allsaints tee

The birds here are sweet.

paradised tee

I just really like this color combination.

sol angeles tee

The flying foot is just such a good graphic, and who cares if you’ve never been to St. Barth’s?

redone tee

These Bowie-esque lightning bolts are just cool.

current tee

Current-Elliott cuts a very flattering tee, and this one is nicely tough.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 12.32.41 PM

You can’t beat a classic Fiorucci logo.

lips tee

A pair of lips is pretty irresistible.

neue tee

I just like the blue and black here.

sandro tee

This is kind of hippie-ish in an appealing way.

play tee

And of course I couldn’t not include the Comme des Garcons PLAY heart logo.

mickey tee

Mickey is a solid standby.

ramones tee

This tee is by a company called Madeworn that manufactures fake vintage band T-shirts and I never show them cause they’re too pricey and it’s fun to look for authentic band/concert tees in thrift stores, but this Ramones tee is pretty good.

rag & bone tee

This is just sort of dear.


levis tee

And finally: I’m loving this old-school Levi’s logo.


Did you miss my post last week on basic black pieces for under $100?

Posted on March 13th, 2018 29 Comments

29 Responses

  1. y.k. says:

    THIS is your most stellar collection. all exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  2. Liz says:

    Love the Ramones T.

    I don’t shop at Forever 21 (except for fishnets)but they have a cute selection of vintage type Ts.

    • Susanna says:

      I fell down a rabbit hole browsing those Forever 21 graphic tees. I’m thinking of getting one that says “Made in the 90s” just to see whether I can fool anyone into believing it…

  3. Heather Schechter says:

    Can I “up” the challenge here? I adore a graphic tee and am always on the hunt but here’s the problem….I need long sleeve tees for the colder weather. Pretty much the ONLY long sleeve graphic tees I can ever find are 1) stripes (cool but I’d like some variety) or 2) Proenza Schouler (also super cool but far too pricey).

    Up for that challenge? I’d love to see what you could find.

  4. c.w. says:

    There are some pretty outstanding selections here…

    Love & Devotion

    the birds one

    lightening bolts

    lots going on my wish list! Thank you!!!

  5. Mary Alice says:

    Love these! Topshop makes some cool ones, too…I bought one that was a reproduction of a Led Zeppelin concert T from spring 1977 at the Forum in Inglewood….made for millennials to wear ironically…except I had actually BEEN to that concert, so I felt I had the right to wear it, since I didn’t get a tee the first time around!

  6. Lisa says:

    I love a good graphic tee. I admit, however, that I buy mine from UNIQLO for the most part, at a whopping price of $15.00. Basquiat prints, Moomintrolls, and an interior designer whose name I forget. Of course, I have also splurged on a KENZO tiger, and a SEA drawing of a sailor, but UNIQLO is my standard source. Try their SPRZ line. Oh, and Kim, please feel free to add one of your links here if you want. xox.

    • Mamavalveeta03 says:

      I bought a Keith Haring for UNIQLO and it’s so cute!

    • Pamb says:

      Whenever we go home to Chicago, my daughter insists on stopping at UNIQLO to see what graphic tees they have, and usually picks up a few. I have a Warhol while she just goes for the pattern itself.

  7. Sammy says:

    I have that Madeworn Tee. While it was spendy, I enjoy the heck out of it. I wear it with an oversized, cashmere hoodie.

  8. Pamb says:

    I love graphic tees, but am I alone in hating the fake vintage concert tees? Especially on someone too young to have attended the actual show? When it looks so generic as opposed to a real concert tee, I just can’t.

    I’m still regretting getting rid of just about all my baseball style concert tees from the 80s-90s when in my mid twenties because I thought “when will I ever wear these again?” Luckily I kept a few, including my Prince tee from the Purple Rain tour. Ran through boxes in my garage until I found it and my daughter wore it to school after Prince died.

    • Heather says:

      Pam, you are awesome. I am with you in your ‘get off my lawn’ approach to fake concert Ts.

      • marjorie says:

        Joining the “get off my lawn” repro vintage band shirt hater brigade.

        BONUS JOY: A lot of the Youth of Today are CLUELESS about their own fake vintage sartorial choices. My daughter reported telling a girl at camp, “I love your Aladdin Sane shirt!” and the girl sneered at her, “Um, this is DAVID BOWIE?”

  9. Karen says:

    I have to plug my favorite Tshirt source: Print Liberation. Screened in Philly, super graphic type options, and some GREAT political picks.

    I have MORE WHISKEY and DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN. They are my “Monday” shirts under blazers.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you for sharing this. I will be ordering the anti-aircraft NRA T shirt after posting thisz

  10. Darcy says:

    Most of these feel too young to me (49yo). A few that could possssibly be okay under a good blazer are the Mickey, the Levi’s, and Comme de Garcons heart.

  11. Emily M. says:

    I love the look of all of these, but the prices are offensive. There is no way the price could be justified by the quality or the price of manufacture. The only reason a t-shirt over $100 exists is separate the 1% from the other 99.

    That said, your selection is inspiring. I will seek out the vintage versions at my favorite thrift store.

  12. Susanna says:

    Also the Everlane “100% Human” tees are great, and $5 of each purchase goes to ACLU/Equalty Now/Human Rights Campaign.

  13. Kathy says:

    I’ve gotten excellent t-shirts at Target. My faves are a very thin, soft off-white T with the Rocky Horror lips, a charcoal grey T with silver trompe l’oeil chunky chain necklaces, and a creamy, puff-sleeved T with a vintage-style Barbie silhouette. I got them in the junior section of the women’s department. I’ve gotten some cool ones from the men’s department for my husband–a grey Fender T (he plays bass), and a black (of course!) Johnny Cash T. I think I just talked myself into a Target run…

  14. Lori in Toronto says:

    I wish I could go back in time to tell teenage, concert-going me to buy 2 t-shrits, not one, so I’d have one to wear under blazers in my dotage. Sadly, it’d have to be a few sizes bigger!

  15. mlinky says:

    I read this and thought I should dig out my old concert tee shirts. Then I thought I should check and see if they were worth anything. Holy cow! I only made it through a few, and found them on ebay for $150-$900.