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Suddenly, I’m thinking I like mules

everlane mule
These Everlane mules
, which were just introduced this week, inspired this post.* I like the look of them—they’re like a more streamlined clog—and the yellow is so fun and unexpected (it comes in a few other colors too). I feel like when I wasn’t paying attention, mules became a classic, and I don’t mind that idea. They’re also having a very big season, and you can find all sorts, from casual to night-out dressy.

rachel comey mules

Rachel Comey’s Mars mule has been on my list for some time—they’re just so cool—and it is too good in the metallic.

tibi mule

And here’s an even more shiny metallic, by Tibi. The cylindrical heel is a gas.

alder mule

I just love the color here—nice and subdued.

This is from Vince, and I like the big heel for days when a little height is necessary.

joseph mule

The electric blue here is so excellently statement-y, and would look amazing contrasted with black

cole mule

For those of you who prefer a flat.

I like the shape of the heel on these—so elegant.

edelman mule

I’d wear this well-priced Sam Edelman pair with dresses.

pour la vic mule

A nice low heel makes these very wearable, but at the same time they’re nicely polished.

frye mule

This one is from Frye, and the shape reminds me a little of a cowboy boot.

dolce vita mule

I like the contrasting heel here.

pointy toe mule

I do dig a seriously pointy toe.

acne mule

I’d wear these on days I plan to be walking all over the place. Also, I’m a big fan of the red, obviously.

harper mule

The height on this one from Madewell feels just about right for everyday.

Dolce Vita mule

This denim pair is just adorable.



*They also inspired my friend Andrea to do a post on the exact same topic today. Check out I Want to be Her post-haste!

Here is a post I did on nice everyday handbags.

Posted on March 8th, 2018 36 Comments

36 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    These are superb, not least because I am blessed with duck feet, as they’re apparently known (wide or normal foot, abnormally narrow heel). Hard to buy shoes, equally hard to keep them on without the assistance of hideous heel pads that my podiatrist recommended—and who is going to wear those when the weather is warm? Thanks for letting me know that this is the season to stock up on mules.

  2. Lesa says:

    Love mules and have worn them forever. Most of the appeal is how easy they are to get on and off. Am I the only one who cannot stand those little cups at the heel that (I guess) are supposed to help hold your foot in? I’m always stepping down on them wrong — ouch!!! Will definitely check out the Everlanes, thanks!

  3. c.w. says:

    The last time mule popularity was rising I tried wearing them, but as much as I like the look I tend to “walk out” of them. Am I the only one?

    However, I may try the Everlanes. (this is what happens when you have a store credit!)

    • Emma says:

      Yep, walk out of them or they go flinging off my foot as I take a step forward. I’ve never gotten the hang of them.

    • Viajera says:

      They look nice but I have bad memories of them from the 90s. I don’t know if they actually fell off a lot or if I just worried all the time that they would. And mine weren’t comfortable. I do like any kind of slip-on though (if they stay on).

    • Bex says:

      No, you are NOT the only one. I never could get the hang of walking in them. I was always accidentally kicking them off my feet. I have to have a heel or at least a strap around the back of the heel.

    • suz says:

      Nope, not the only one. Tried them in the 90’s – I just could not walk in them. They are also pretty useless if you walk in a city.

      The yellow would pop nicely with a lot of outfits though. More yellow shoes!

  4. DeDe says:

    The Rachel Comey Mars mule is pretty much my favorite evar. I have a gold pair, actually, and I swear they go with everything. I especially recommend them for grocery shopping.

  5. c.w. says:

    Can we declare those mustard yellow Everlanes color a “neutral?”

  6. Mary Alice says:

    I like the look of them, but I can just picture my clumsy self tripping constantly.

  7. Nancy Baten says:

    I love them more and more. Have to shop for those!

  8. Shelley says:

    Crazy that you and Andrea had the same post today!

  9. Caroline says:

    I love them!
    I generally go for low ones because they feel the most like slippers.
    I went through a babouche period a while back and now I’m addicted.
    Yes, they do slide off occasionally but I care not ;-).

  10. S says:

    I couldn’t even get excited about them the first time around in the 90s. Back then, I halfheartedly bought some slate blue flat mules with a buckle from Nine West (!) that I wore a couple of times but never loved. The closest I’ve come to revisiting is some red suede fringey slides I finally convinced myself to try last summer and love (but still walk out of constantly). I think of them as flat open-toed mules.

  11. Dana says:

    I love how mules look but the temperature has to be perfect. If it’s hot or humid, the front of your foot turns into a sweat slick. If it’s a bit cold, the back of your foot freezes. Plus the top the shoe can dig into your foot with each step, leaving a red ring. Can you tell I tried to make these work?

  12. Catherine says:

    I love the look and the comfort of mules, but I can’t walk in them. They either come off my feet or I end up with foot cramps from trying to grip them with my toes to keep them on! The yellow Everlane ones are super cute – love that color.

  13. Kathi says:

    Love the Everlane mules and the wonderfully blue Joseph pair! I don’t seem to have trouble with mules, must be one of the few they work on. And I read Andrea’s page everyday after I read yours, Kim!!! Hope you are still on the path to 100%.

  14. Bonnie says:

    Great options here; thanks! I have the Rachel Comey in white and wore them all fall. Can’t wait to wear them again in spring. It takes “training” to wear the flat mules, methinks. I found these toe covers were lifesavers in eliminating blisters at the tops of toes.
    (Given the common comments here, it does seem like we have to work like “mules” to enjoy these shoes – groan :)!

  15. Ita Darling says:

    I went a little crazy last year and I bought Three pairs of the Rachel Comey Mars Mules. They are test and comfortable and versatile. I have gold, black and nude. They are clunky, the heel height is perfect and I think they are classic!

  16. The details on mules are so important: I find totally flat mules almost impossible to walk in since they don’t want to stay on my feel. Ditto ones with a very deep vamp. a nice chunky heel and a medium high vamp seem critical to making them a viable shoe. I worry the Everlane mule might be hard to walk in, but i still want it!

  17. Francine says:

    I think mules are silly. They are fussy, get stuck in your pants and make an annoying click-slap noise. And yep, when I tried them in the mid-90s (they were very Carrie Bradshaw-y), my feet would slip out all the time!

    If I sound cranky, it’s that I’ve been watching MSNBC all morning. 7 more years of this??

    • caroline says:

      Ok. Sanity first!
      You need to turn it off and put on some music.
      At least for an hour or so..
      Also, I truly believe he won’t make it that long.
      My money is on Melania putting polonium in his slurpee.

      • Francine says:

        I know, I know, Caroline…Occasionally, I’ll go on a media embargo and them I’m blissfully ignorant. I can see how it’s a slippery slope though. Checking out and ignoring everything.

        Poor Melania. I wouldn’t blame her one bit if she drank the slurpee herself.

        On to better topics….just ordered some cute stuff from the Outnet. The sale is ridiculous and just what I need right now! Highly recommend you ladies check it out.

        • Caroline says:

          Ha! I understand completely. It’s so awful ithat its hard to look way.
          I work from home and have to make a conscious effort to limit my news consumption..N.Y. Times and Washington post over coffee. And my favorite blog of course…!
          NPR while I’m working for a bit. Then music.
          I’m pretty sure watching the news on t.v. during the day is a quick way to have a nervous brake down!
          Also,i think I’m gonna order the mustard colored mules 🙂

    • Candy says:

      Totally agree. About the news and mules. Plus, mules reveal how bad I am at remembering to put moisturizer on my dry, flaky heels.

      • Francine says:

        I ordered the korean magically foot peel…doing it tonight! Not for mules, but so my feet will stop snagging the carpet.

  18. Gables girl says:

    Love the pointy toe, too. So 80s edgy. Mules are terrific.

  19. Kat says:

    I want to love mules but they refuse to even tolerate my existence.


    Can we have more accessories in that mustard color? I’ve been thinking about buying a nice leather or suede bag in that color for a long time. I think that color looks so great with navy, purple, gray, black, stripes, etc. I can’t wear it near my face but it would look chic AF with my wardrobe of saturated neutrals.

    Also, more metallics please. Because they are glorious neutrals without being a snooze.

    One last thing. 😍

  20. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Really? You and Andrea didn’t plan this? You even have some of the same pairs. Great minds…

    I’ve been obsessed for quite awhile and so I’ve got some good ones. First day of Spring, I’m breaking them out!

  21. Dana D says:

    I’ll be a total geek here and suggest that wearing mules actually allows one to use foot muscles that might otherwise be ignored…

    One may have to curl the toes a bit, a gripping strategy of sorts. Foot health is SO important as we age, so using the foot in different ways is good, no? The fascia experts are all about the foot/feet thing…

    That’s my strategy with mules of all sorts. I love them and love these choices!

    (yoga and fascia people…feel free to correct me here…)

  22. Farah says:

    Has anyone tried Intentionally Blank mules?
    I love the mustard Everlane, too.
    More metallics and pops of color for spring are always welcome!