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Off I go

This is the place we rented in San Miguel

OK ladies, I’m out of here until after the New Year; expect me back on the 2nd or the 3rd, depending on how long it takes me to get it together after I return from my trip to Mexico (which I mentioned here; I will be leaving the clogs at home thanks to the many warnings you lodged about the tricky cobblestone streets of San Miguel). I hope you all have the most excellent holidays imaginable, and if this time of year is tough for you, I hope it passes as smoothly as possible and is over before you know it. I’m happy to see batshit 2017 draw to a close, but am so inspired by the many ways in which women have risen up over the course of the past year, and look forward to more of the same moving forward. And on a personal note: I recently noticed that this blog has had over 35,000 comments since it launched back in 2012, and am so grateful to those of you who’ve made this such a lively, happy, deeply supportive environment. You bring me happiness every day. Meanwhile: I’m very curious as to what you are up to during the break, and would love to hear about any and all of your favorite holiday traditions (which I know I’ve asked you before, but I’m curious again).

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11 Bright and happy scarves for the dreariest of days

Missoni scarf

I love bright, borderline loud scarves this time of year, when it’s too easy to walk out of the house in the drabbest colors from head to toe. The right scarf can light up your whole face even when makeup fails you, and I’m also always looking for items to put a little spring in my step when it gets to be grey and miserable out and I start feeling deathly pallid no matter how much bronzer I apply. This one from Missoni is all fierce oranges and yellows, with a little black thrown in for good measure.

Eileen Fisher scarf

There is a very subtle herringbone pattern here that I quite like, and the combination of reds is so good. It’s Eileen Fisher, who occasionally surprises one.

Charlotte Simone scarf

This is possibly a bit much, but just the right thing for certain circumstances.

Mango leopard scarf

Red leopard is never a bad idea, and the price is quite nice.

Free People scarf

I like the chunkiness of this option,and the stripes are cute in a slightly preppy Ali McGraw kind of a way.

White + Warren travel scarf

This is White + Warren’s excellent travel scarf, which is absolute genius on a frigid airplane, and again, I’m liking the stripes.

J. Crew scarf

I always get really happy when I see red, white, and blue together: it’s so graphic and appealing.

 is so chic and under-used, and the stripes of color are fun.

Pendelton scarf

Pendelton’s National Parks series strikes again. I’m going to venture to say that this is actually a really sophisticated color combination, and that it looks fancier than it is—sort of like Gucci right now, if that’s your thing.

Mango scarf

Why not something pink and floofy?

Echo scarf

This has a small diamond-plaid print, something I’d never seen before but quite like—it makes the wee-est of statements.

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I’m thinking of doing another week of requests

I kicked off 2017 by taking suggestions from the audience, and am considering doing it again. Is there a post you’re itching to see here? Please share in the comments.

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Things I bought, things I want

No.6 shearling boots

The other day it was so cruelly cold out that I marched right over to No. 6, and purchased myself these shearling-lined boots, which I have somehow been living without all these years and now I don’t know how that was even possible. They are so comfortable and so, so damn cozy that I practically look forward to walking the dogs on super-chilly nights.

Eskayel quilt

This quilt is by Eskayel, one of my favorite producers of unstoppably good prints, and I nabbed it the other day when they were running a Cyber Monday special. It looks excellently matchy-clashy with my headboard, which is also upholstered in Eskayel fabric.

Kapital scarf
And on that theme, this quilt scarf might be crazy, but it’s a kind of crazy I can get behind.

Herschel fanny pack

All the cool kids are walking around my hipster neighborhood in fanny packs these days, and I am a little embarrassed to admit that I’m sort of the eensiest bit intrigued. This one in millennial pink is almost impossibly trendy, but I think it’s super-cute anyway. (Here’s a slightly more grown-up option in black velvet, and an adorable crocheted one from Rachel Comey).

Vince hoodie sweater

This space dye hoodie just looks like the coziness. It’d make an excellent layer.

Lauren Manoogian neck pillow

The chicest neck pillow ever, from designer Lauren Manoogian. This would actually make a really good gift, if you’re doing some last-minute shopping.

Farrow top

I’m always on the lookout for red tops, because the color looks good on me, but it’s frequently a struggle to find the exactly right one: either the red is wrong—usually too orange-y, sometimes too brown—or the item in question is overly prissy or fussy. It’s rare that I happen upon a red top that gets everything right, but this one comes pretty damn close. It’s ever-so-slightly fussy, but manageable, and well-priced too.


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The GOACA guide: Ten gifts I would love to receive

meditation pillow

I believe in buying people the kind of gifts they’d never buy themselves, and all of the following items fall under that heading for me. They’re all deeply unnecessary, but each in its own way quite excellent. For starters: I have been trying again to meditate—it is so hard!—and believe I could at least do so stylishly (if not effectively) on this cushion.

portable speaker

The cutest speaker maybe ever.

Kapital Kuba socks

And these socks just delight me.

Fujifilm Instax photo printer

A diminutive photo printer would come in so handy. I miss actual pictures.

wrought iron snake

This wrought iron snake would look perfect on a coffee table.

Murano glass vase

Such an unstoppably gorgeous Murano glass vase.

Urban Outfitters puffer

I have it in my mind that I need a red puffer, and I like the shirttail hem on this one.

Blackline cutting boards

These black cutting boards are so unexpected and cool.

Astier de Villatte mug

This skull print mug from Astier de Villatte is just precisely the type of item I would never buy for myself—it’s so pricey for a mug—but would be impossibly thrilled to receive.

Manon ring

It exceeds the GOACA price limit, and I don’t have my fingers crossed that anyone’s going to splurge on it for me, but I have wanted this knot ring for ages and ages.

Fornasetti plateMy new favorite Fornasetti plate.


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Tuesday links


  • So many good psychedelic posters by artist Victor Moscoso. (Dangerous Minds)
  • I love that there is such a thing as flower-bombing. (Colossal)
  • Pretty aerial photos of NYC in the fall. (Flavorwire)
  • Weird gift-giving superstitions. (Mental Floss)
  • The author of the “Cat Person” story in the New Yorker is about to have a million-dollar book deal. (Elle)
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