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Various sweatshirts I’m liking right now


Sweatshirts are good for lounging, of course, but I like them layered under coats and jackets for a casual-chic kind of a look. (It’s a look I overdid about a decade ago, but I’m feeling ready to re-embrace it.) I love this, with Zoe Karssen’s trademark bat.

Here’s one I actually own. It reminds me of prep school—not always a good thing—but in a nice way.

The message that never gets old.

The side-zipper here is just aces.

And of course I’m all over this because it’s blue and black, a combination I love.

This reminds me of the Agnes B snap cardigans that were so big in the 80s.

A camo choce, but of course.

This is actually a dress if you can believe it, but I like the idea of wearing it with leather leggings.

And finally, a splurgy choice from Comme des Garcons that I have wanted for years but can’t quite bring myself to spring for.


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Here’s your playlist, ladies

This playlist has no overarching theme whatsoever and musically, it’s quite all over the place. The only way to listen to it is on shuffle. This was fun, so if enough of you enjoy it, I’ll make another.

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Monday links

  • These landscape photos by Ty Newcombe are just stunning. (My Modern Met)
  • This obit of longtime New Yorker writer Lillian Ross, who died last week at the age of 99, is just great. (New Yorker)
  • A really moving piece about being on your own. (The Guardian)
  • 50 obscure royal baby traditions. (Elle)
  • Stevie Wonder takes a knee. (Slate)
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GOACA basics: the long-sleeved tee

I mentioned last week that I was on the hunt for long-sleeved tees; they’re almost inevitably what I throw on as a first layer once the weather turns cooler. I like them sized up and slouchy, with necklines that let the collarbone show, because otherwise they don’t feel quite feminine enough for me. And I always half-tuck, even though maybe that’s not so much a thing anymore, because I think it’s more flattering that way. This one from Splendid has a nice, low neckline, which is also good when you don’t want your tee to peek out under whatever you’re wearing over it.

This comes in a variety of colors, but I like the thin white stripes.

Just a really good green.

Red and white stripes are always so damn cheery.

The colorblock on the sleeves is so chic.

James Perse makes a quality tee, abnd I like the low V here.

This twist-hem is super-flattering.

It’s not as easy as it should be to find a good red tee, and this one has a cool asymmetrical hemline.

As nice a scoopneck as I’ve seen.

Tissue-light and satisfyingly slouchy.

I like the micro-stripes here.


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Friday links

  • These aerial photos by Niaz Uddin are a little vertiginous, but also really amazing. (Kottke)
  • The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams might be getting her own TV show, which is just fantastic. (The Cut)
  • Here’s a fun list: the 30 best female-led horror movies of all time. (Vulture)
  • Oh, the new Wes Anderson movie, Isle of Dogs, looks fun.
  • Funny. (Elle)
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Nine black skirts with a little something cool going on

I want to start wearing skirts, I really do. But—as I have mentioned in the past—too many are too tricky. All of these are tricky in good ways, I think, starting with the pretty ruching here that also makes the hem asymmetrical.

I tried this on the other day and it is just gorgeous and drapes beautifully.

Nothing too major here, just accordion pleats and a very nice price.

A tube skirt can be scary-skinny, but with ruching (I know, a lot of ruching in this post; I’m a fan) it can be quite flattering.

Just thought I’d throw this pretty, subdued floral in for kicks.

This is just so flowy and feminine.

I adore the daring slit here.

This is a knit, which is cool, and it’s just a little metallic, which is cooler still.

Such a quietly sexy option.

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