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An early look at fall jackets

I know it’s still hot out in most places and I’ve been reluctant to start foisting fall clothes on you too early, but that’s what’s showing up in the stores and frankly I’m beginning to get a little excited about that (even as I mourn the dying days of my favorite season). For starters, I love the idea of a corduroy blazer, and this is such a good blue.

This reminds me of a jacket I purchased last winter for a whole lot more cash.

I am not usually a fan of something so structured, but this is just fantastic-looking.

A well-priced, nice and clean-lined leather jacket.

This is cute for transitional days.

I like that this leopard print is just a little bit faded out.

This is water-resistant, which is nice, and it’s cool that it looks like a pretty straightforward jacket but then has the little peplum flourish.

Here’s a nice, lightweight summery one for when you’re not ready to switch over to autumnal tones just yet.

Such a chic army jacket.

And here’s another army jacket, with some interesting business going on at the sleeves.

The idea of a pullover is appealing, and this is such a good one.

A camo jacket that costs what a camo jacket should cost.

I’m a fan of the faux fur lining here.

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Friday links

  • These self-portraits by various prominent artists are part of a show at the San Jose Museum of Art, and they’re pretty great.
  • The 200 best albums of the 1960s. (Pitchfork)
  • A kind of interesting story about how truckers love listening to public radio. (Current)
  • I love neon lights, so I enjoyed this rundown of the world’s most unusual displays of them. (Atlas Obscura)
  • Here’s the trailer for Richard Linklater’s new movie, Last Flag Flying. (Flavorwire)


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What throw pillows have to do with my love life

Recently, my friend Will told me that my apartment doesn’t feel like the person who’s living there is very settled. Mostly he’s referring to my supernatural ability to attract clutter, and my extra bedroom, which basically functions as a storage facility. His theory is that this puts guys off when I bring them home, a topic we were on because I was somewhat recently dumped by a man I had only been seeing briefly but liked a lot, and was entirely mystified as to why. I’m pretty much over the getting dumped part, but Will’s criticism stuck: I love and feel perfectly settled in my place, but the truth is that it is absent some of the kind of finishing touches that make a house feel like a home, like say throw pillows for the sofa. So I’ve been looking for some nice bright ones, cause my sectional is a lovely but somewhat boring grey. This one is from Liberty—it’s their Ianthe print, which is one of my favorites, and I think the colors are fantastic.

This is kind of retroish and cute.

Another rather retroish choice: it reminds me of the kitchen in the house where I spent my early childhood.

I like the geometric print here, and the unexpected mix of colors.

This one is so damn cheery.

Just a lot of nice reds.

I’m really digging the combination of army green and pink here, and of course it’s hard for me to resist including a leopard print.

A pricey but oh-so-beautiful choice from Missoni.

And here’s a not-especially-bright but very fun Marimekko print.

And finally: this is just lunacy, but I love it so much.

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It’s the little things—a few things

I had so much fun on Monday getting to know loyal commenters (and delightful people) C.W. and Mamavalveeta during a mini-meetup we had out in Amagansett. After a nice long visit, we concluded affairs the way all GOACA meetups should end: with shopping. How cute is my new hat?

Here’s a cheaper-but-similar version.

I surprise myself by liking this peplum blouse. It’s more girly than I usually go, but I’m thinking the tiniest bit of waist definition isn’t the worst thing.

One of my yoga teachers, the peerless Joanna Ross-Tash, forgot her sunglasses on our recent retreat to Italy. So—as I never travel without an extra pair because I’m so paranoid about my light sensitivity—I lent her my spare: a pair of blue ones from Celine that are in extra high rotation. I told her to guard them with her life and give them back once we got home. Alas, she lost them and felt terrible and sent me this link to the very pair, and cheaper than I paid for them. I told her not to worry about the glasses—because Lord knows I have plenty—and we agreed to call it even in exchange for dinner and a private, so really I’m thinking I come out ahead on account of the fact that Joanna is great. But I’m so pleased to have discovered Smart Buy Glasses, the resource she linked me to, because it’s a fantastic resource for cheaper (as in: still not cheap) out-of-season fancy sunglasses.

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Wednesday links

  • Artist Yayoi Kusama is opening her own museum in Tokyo. (My Modern Met)
  • One of the highlights of my career was first seeing my byline in the Village Voice back in the early 90s, so it makes me sad to learn that it is ceasing to be a print publication. (Vulture)
  • An interesting piece about some things the author learned while looking for a liver donor. (The Cut)
  • “A writer’s past is the most important thing he has,” and other writing advice from Ray Bradbury. (Flavorwire)
  • 47 notable moments in VMA history. (Elle)
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Friend breakups: Discuss

Friend breakups can be as painful and mysterious as romantic breakups, I think—Lord knows enough has been written about them. I’ve had a couple over the decades, and they’re brought their own unique pain, torture, and—in one case—relief. I’m curious how many of you have had a friendship hit the skids, and eager to know how you dealt with it. Did you mourn endlessly, move on quickly, or—as was the case recently with me—come back together after a certain amount of time?

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