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I can’t stop buying striped shirts

Possibly you are all tired of posts on button-down shirts here, but I really am having a moment with them, and find that I’m particularly drawn to those with stripes. I’ve been wearing them with jeans and trousers and even denim cutoffs and they seem perfect with all of those things—and a little bit preppy, which I kind of like in the summer. This pink iteration seems especially good for right about now.

This is nice and summery too.

It is so hard to find a good red striped shirt—especially with fatter stripes,which is what I like best. (And here’s a similar plus-size option.)

A nice subdued choice, with stripes in black, white, and grey.

The band collar here is a nice touch.

I might have purchased this one, because the red and blue stripes together are just too much cuteness.

I like that you can just barely see the stripes

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A quick heads up

I’m off on a little vacation, guys, to a yoga retreat in Italy. This is the villa where I’ll be staying—doesn’t it look rather fantastic? I’m leaving today, and there may be a post or two in my absence, so do check in if you feel so inclined. Everything will return to business as usual on Monday the 7th. Meanwhile, I want to hear about your summer vacation—or staycation—plans. What have you got in the works?

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Friday links

  • So cool: these vintage cameras are all made from colored paper. (Colossal)
  • 15 notable women on not settling for less. (The Cut)
  • This rundown of the ten best action scenes of the 21st century is fun. (Flavorwire)
  • Here’s the pretty amusing and also somewhat violent trailer for Suburbicon, starring Matt Damon. (Variety)
  • On the occasion of the re-release of her novel Sex and Rage, a fun little appreciation of Eve Babitz. (Elle)


Posted on July 28th, 2017

Cute tops for under $100

This floral print is so pretty and watercolor-y.

I think this tee is the best yellow, and I like the longer sleeves.

The print mix here is just so good.

Something about the print here feels slightly Art Nouveau-ish.

A leopard-print button-down is just a thing worth owning.

I like that the dots on this shirt are nice and eensy.

This shirt feels quite beachy to me.

This cotton poplin button-down goes for a mere $50, which is pretty unbeatable.

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Thursday links




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T-shirt dresses are just the easiest thing ever

Some of these are on the shorter side, but I feel like that’s OK for the weekend, which is what these dresses are ideal for. Also they’re great for vacation—they take up almost no space in a suitcase or weekender—and for that reason I’ll be bringing along a couple on the yoga retreat I’m leaving for soon.  I like the low V here, as well as the slouchy fit.

This has a perilously deep neckline, but I think it’s so effortlessly sexy I had to include it.

The elbow-length sleeves here lend a nice polished touch.

This is just sort of fun.

You can’t lose with stripes, and the length is good.

The twisty bit at the front here is excellent for stomach junk camouflage. It also comes in black, which I like almost as much as this mushroom-y hue.

This has a very stylish front panel that you can’t quite see in this picture; I think it’s quite elegant in its spareness.

A cute henley-style option from The Great.

I adore the low neckline here.


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