Thursday 24th September 2020
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GOACA home basics: trays

I don’t really have much use for trays, but I like them as decorative objects, and have elected to show you a bunch of very happy bright ones today. From Huset, a fantastic Scandinavian design boutique in LA, here’s one made from a popular print by Josef Frank.

Such a good poppy yellow.

I like the unlikely color combination on this choice from Marimekko.

OK, this Fornasetti tray costs a fortune, but it was too good not to include.

Red and white is always a winner.

Posted on April 28th, 2017 9 Comments

9 Responses

  1. Adrien says:

    IKEA is my go-to for a really cute tray:

    But that Fornasetti is everything. *sigh*

  2. DeDe says:

    Ok, is it just me, or does Madame Fornasetti look like she has a thing of broccoli on her head?

  3. Debra says:

    DeDe, you’re killing me. She definitely looks like she’s sporting a ski cap with a broccoli head attached. LSD might have been involved in the artistic rendering of this tray. 😉

  4. M.A. says:

    Fornasetti is so freakin’ cool, and I’d never have heard of them if not for you, Kim 🙂

  5. suz says:

    Ha – Huset is right by me and I almost buy a tray every time I go in there.

    Do I need a tray? Nope. Do I want one? Umm….

  6. y.k. says:

    i have a thing for trays. clutter is just stuff that hasn’t been nicely corralled into a tray.

  7. joannawnyc says:

    I desperately want that Josef Frank one. Uh-oh.