Tuesday 4th August 2020
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Some very modern-looking ceramics

Helen Levi vase—Some very modern-looking ceramics

On my last trip to LA, I noticed ceramics in all the cute little home boutiques—and not the funky-60s-style stuff I typically think of when I think of ceramics, but really cool, contemporary pieces that would not look out of place in the most modern of abodes. I’ve been mildly obsessed ever since with finding an item or two that might work for my place, and at the tippy-top of the list is this gorgeous vase from Brooklyn-based ceramicist Helen Levi.

Pax Ceramics mug—Some very modern-looking ceramics

I actually went ahead and ordered this endlessly chic mug from Pax Ceramics in duplicate just this morning.

Natan Moss bud vase—Some very modern-looking ceramics

I like the geometric pattern on this bud vase from Natan Moss.

Natan Moss mug—Some very modern-looking ceramics

And this coffee mug, also by Natan Moss, is appealingly crafty-looking, but still somehow modern.

BTW Ceramics planter—Some very modern-looking ceramics

This little mini-planter, by BTW Ceramics, would be perfect for one of my succulents, just as shown here.

Kat & Roger cups—Some very modern-looking ceramics

And I have wanted the whole set of these cups, by Kat & Roger, for ages.

Posted on April 7th, 2017 3 Comments

3 Responses

  1. DeDe says:

    That Natan Moss mug is now mine, all mine! Mwahahahahaaaaa! (The only thing worse than my shoe problem is my ceramic mug problem.) Aren’t the Kat & Roger cups good? I love all of their stuff. PS, Mociun has some great things too, if you want to go down a NYC-based ceramics wormhole. Though Brooklyn in its entirety is a ceramics wormhole, tbh.

  2. joannawnyc says:

    Now I’m kind of regretting going whole-hog with the polish mugs and declaring an end to the hunt …

  3. AllisonB says:

    As pretty as the Pax mug may be, you can only fit one finger in that tiny hole and will burn/hurt your other fingers as they press against the rest of the mug. It must be practical and easy to drink from-I vote for the Natan Moss mug!