Tuesday 4th August 2020
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Thursday links

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Posted on April 6th, 2017 1 Comment

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  1. Katrina says:

    The Imperial War Museum shops (online and in the museums) have an excellent selection of WWI and WWII propaganda posters as well. You can get them in various sizes, too, including postcard. You get the typical stuff (Keep Calm and Carry On, etc.) but some of them are really interesting. There’s one about about dressing less extravagantly (“To Dress Extravagantly In War Time is Worse than Bad Form, It is Unpatriotic” and “Go Through Your Wardrobe: Make Do and Mend”), about being careful about talking in public (“Keep mum, she’s not so dumb! Careless talk costs lives” with a painting of soldiers surrounding a Marilyn Monroe-esque blonde), and one with the request to “Please Knit Now” because soldiers need socks. However, my favorites might be the ones about food and preventing food waste: “Help Win the War on the Kitchen Front”, “The Kitchen is the Key to Victory. Eat Less Bread”, “Dig for Victory” (to encourage people to plant their own food). There’s a lot that push potatoes as a substitute for bread and push for people to eat more vegetables (“Carrots Keep You Healthy and Help You See in the Blackout”), I assume because the soldiers get priority with the meat. There’s even one that reminds people to not step on crops, close farm gates, and stamp out matches and cigarettes for them to not burn crops; with the final reminder that “We Need All The Food We Can Get”.

    I find them all fascinating. They are cute and kitschy, sure, but are also a sobering reminder of what life was like during the wars, and what even civilians had to endure during those years.