Tuesday 14th July 2020
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I do like a grey bag

It’s just such a rich neutral, and elevates whatever you wear it with. I’ve only got one grey bag—the Clare V Gosee clutch I’ve posted below—and when it’s in rotation I wear it to death. So much so that it’s looking pretty worn-out, so I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement. Which may just be another Clare V Gosee clutch—or may be one of the others below.

Building block tote—top 5 of the week

I never get too excited about totes, but this is such an excellent pale, pale grey.

Clare V gosee clutch—Top 5 of the week

Here is the aforementioned Gosee clutch—I especially like grey suede, and this bag has a nice hit of it.

Zara bucket bag

A nice, slouchy hobo at a super-good price.

Haerfest bag—top 5 of the week

I adore a duffel, and the shape of this one is just so good.

Clare V Grand Henri bag—top 5 of the week

I seriously want this bag and have for a while: it’s big enough to fit a laptop, but is anything but workaday.

Mango tote—top 5 of the week

I like the contrast of the black handle here.

Elizabeth and James bag—top 5 of the week

This can be a backpack or a handbag, which is nifty.

Posted on March 22nd, 2017 6 Comments

6 Responses

  1. DeDe says:

    I actually just ordered that grey gosee clutch the other day – after two years of hemming and hawing. Seriously, I am not really into bags and am terrible about committing, because inevitably, something little thing about them will piss me off. So I’m hoping this guy does what I need it to and I can go back to my preferred activity: obsessing over unnecessary shoes.

  2. suz says:

    Just a word from experience – unstructured bags and laptops are a bad mix. The bag gets weird wear stretchmarks and looks lumpy, and the laptop gets banged around.

    Though I love the shape of that drawstring, it’s a great looking bag. Simple.

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I just adore Clare V’s bags. I think I drank the koolade!

  4. SherylQ says:

    Love the bag in the first image – do you know where that is from? This is the one featuring the woman walking.

  5. Pamb says:

    As a handbag salesperson, I have to say I HATE it when women try to make a purse into a laptop bag. That drawstring bag wasn’t meant to carry the weight of a laptop,plus all your purse stuff. The strap will rip right off the bag, and you’ll be unhappy, and the store might not take the return.

    I know, no one wants a ‘briefcase’ or a laptop bag that looks like a laptop bag. But please use a substantial tote with sturdy straps. And something structured enough to keep the laptop secure. And please don’t try to return a bag that you damaged by trying to make it into something it wasn’t intended to do (sorry to sound bitchy, but it’s true).

  6. Darcy H says:

    The “nice, slouchy hobo” is a good-looking bag.