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Week of requests: My top 10 New York stores

Zero + Maria Cornejo Store

As I mentioned earlier, you all sent in a bounty of quality questions, so I’m extending the Week of Requests by a week. What follows are my current favorite boutiques in New York, starting with the Mother Ship, Zero + Maria Cornejo. All of my most favorite clothes—not just the special-occasion ones, but also those I wear into the ground on a daily basis, come from here. Nobody designs for a real woman’s body the way Cornejo does, and women from their 20s to their 70s look great in her stuff. It doesn’t come cheap, but her epic sales are worth waiting for.

Clare V Store

I don’t quite know how I managed before Clare V came along; she makes bags just how I like them: classic but modern, uncluttered by hardware, and durable too. And the store’s got a fun selection of jewelry, tees, Vuarnet sunglasses, ceramics, and beauty products, too.

Warm Store

I never write about Warm because they don’t have e-commerce, but this is one fantastic little store, full of great indie brands like Giada Forte, Isabel Marant, Raquel Allegra, as well as others I’d never heard of before discovering them there. They’ve also got an excellent in-house line, which features the most gorgeous prints.

No 6 Store

No 6 is justly known as Clog Central, but that’s just half of the story here: the store also has a stellar in-house line strong on dresses with grown-up hemlines, and they carry a ton of designers who are on the edgier end of the spectrum. Also, while there, visit their vintage outpost a few doors down,

Steven Alan Store

Every neighborhood in Manhattan, it seems, has a Steven Alan, though my local outpost—the Elizabeth Street one in Nolita—is among the smallest, they manage to cram in plenty of the good stuff. I go there for Organic by John Patrick tees and sweaters, R13 jeans, Another Feather jewelry, and chic, functional pieces from Alan’s own line.

Calliope Store

Calliope is in the far West Village, which is a trek for me these days, but I make it over there regularly because this is one special place. It’s a housewares shop with a distinctly eclectic approach, combining vintage and contemporary pieces in a way that’s really fresh. I routinely find stuff there I’ve haven’t seen anywhere else—which is something I always think is worth pointing out, because that’s tough to do in a town like New York.

CO Beigelow

I have been patronizing CO Bigelow for decades now, and even though I don’t live in the neighborhood anymore, still have all of my prescriptions filled with them. It’s the type of place where the pharmacists remember you, and Colleen behind the cosmetics counter always has a treat ready for your dog. But it’s also just a lovely, old-school institution, a wonderful, browse-able shop full of great beauty products, hair doodads, candles, and fragrances, exotic European toothpastes and such.

Bird Store

I make special trips out to Brooklyn just to visit Bird every once in a while, because I think owner Jen Mankins has such a great eye. Her stores are such chic, happy places, full of color and pattern and fun.

Love Adorned

Chances are, when I make a truly dangerous splurge on jewelry, Love Adorned is to blame.  The pieces on offer at this store—which also offers housewares and accessories—are elegant, beautiful, interesting, and very modern.

Blue Tree

I have a soft spot in my heart for Blue Tree because it is owned by Phoebe Cates, who graced a thousand Seventeen covers when I was an avid reader of that magazine, but it is also a really interesting, super-cool store where, again, I routinely discover brands I’ve never seen anywhere before. The mix is eclectic in the extreme: there’s everything from housewares to jewelry to beauty products, and you can fall down a serious rabbit hole browsing there.



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  1. DeDe says:

    I heart Bird so much. It’s expensive as hell and I can only shop online, but everything I’ve ever gotten from them has become a wardrobe staple for me. And their customer service is fantastic.

    Also, holy crap, Phoebe Cates! I haven’t thought about her in approximately eightyhundred years. Her store does look pretty fun, though!

  2. ljchicago says:

    I would love to visit CO Bigelow someday. There is a place like it in Lincoln Square in Chicago called Merz Apothecary

    I’m a suburbanite now but I make regular treks to the city just to go there. I can buy most of the products online but going to the store is such a wonderful experience.

  3. Mary Alice says:

    I was running across town to meet people for lunch on a visit to NYC last year and when I popped up out of the subway, there was CO Bigelow. needless to say, I was late for lunch 🙂

  4. c.w. says:

    Thank you for this list.

    Usually when I’m in NY I’m in Brooklyn with my daughter, but this list is a good excuse to take an excursion into Manhattan. Bird we go to on occasion, but have not had much luck finding things we love––maybe our timing is off.

    I’ve really enjoyed these request fulfillments! Even those I don’t need (larger chest/office attire) I’ve still gotten something out of your insights.

  5. y.k. says:

    thanks for this excellent list – i will make it my business to check out each one in june.
    remember phoebe in that movie -Anniversary Party?

    • y.k. says:

      i dipped into a rabbit hole& looked at phoebe’s wikipedia & read that she’s half asian. wow!
      I’m korean american & i wish i had known that way back when she was in Seventeen.

    • S. says:

      It was such a wonderful surprise to see her walk on screen in that movie — like seeing a long lost friend from high school!

  6. Amber says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned Calliope! It’s across the street from my apartment, and I love it. Stores I get attached to always seem to go away, but hopefully more attention will keep this one around for a while.