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Print of the week

Comme des Garcons is now making their zipper wallet in this excellent matchy-clashy tartan print, which could skew preppy or punk rock, depending on the owner.

Posted on December 22nd, 2016 4 Comments

Smells like winter

Roland Pine Soy Candles

Today, I thought I’d share my favorite woodsy-scented candles with you, as it has just occurred to me that I like an awful lot of them. Right now, in lieu of having an actual Christmas tree (which, given my faith, would be a bit off-brand) I am burning Soap & Paper Factory’s Roland Pine, which smells uncannily like the real thing.

Red Flower Wanderlust Candles

Red Flower’s Wanderlust is similarly woodsy, with just a hint of something else—citrus?—thrown in for a nice kick. I love it.

Fornasetti Otto Candles

A pick from Fornasetti will set you back a bit, it’s true, but when the candle’s all melted down you’re left with a cool little objet. I like their  Otto scent best—it’s a lovely, earthy mix of thyme, lavender and cedarwood.

Diptique Feu de Bois Candles

Diptique’s Feu de Bois smells like entering a room in which the fireplace has been going for hours.

Tom Dixon stone candles

This Tom Dixon stone candle is the only one of the bunch I haven’t actually tried, but is it not fantastic-looking?

Posted on December 22nd, 2016 11 Comments

My new favorite tee

I sometimes get asked what my favorite well-priced tee is, and have—embarrassingly—been hard-pressed to answer, because I am desperately picky about t-shirts, and almost always overspend on them in order to get exactly what I want. Which is: something very, very light and cut to flatter—which in my case means not too tight in the stomach area, and with a flattering neckline. But now I’ve discovered the J. Crew Vintage tee, and all that has changed. It’s as well-tailored as a t-shirt can be—I especially like the quite flattering scoopneck option—and tissue-light, and, if you time your purchase to when the Crew is running one of their 40%-off specials, as they are at this very moment, quite a nice buy (two other styles I like: the dolman and scoopneck short-sleeve.) Just don’t let these babies see the inside of a dryer, and they’ll last you a nice long time.

Posted on December 21st, 2016 29 Comments

Wednesday links

  • These National Parks posters, designed by leading graphic artists, are just fantastic. Proceeds from their sale benefit the National Parks Service.
  • This advice on how to get away with a workplace meltdown is certainly worth a shot. (The Science of Us)
  • Here are this year’s inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Time)
  • This trove of vintage Christmas postcards from the New York Public Library archives is fun to poke through. (Mental Floss)
  • Hilarious: the best media corrections of the year. (Kottke)
Posted on December 21st, 2016

In which I do your snow boot shopping for you

Take it from one who has been there and knows: if you wait until the first big winter storm is approaching to buy snow boots, you will be left with nothing but the dregs to choose from. Big old clunky winter boots may not be the sexiest purchase on your list, but that is no reason to delay. And this pair from Sorel is actually pretty chic, I must say.

Here’s a slightly more rugged Sorel model that I also rather like.

Every time I write about snow boots, a few of you bring up Mukluks in the comments, so this time I thought I’d include a pair—even though 1. I’m not certain they’d be all that good in actual snow, and 2. It goes against my usual (and I guess pretty loose) anti-fur policy.

This Moon Boot is clever, and looks like the soul of warmth. Here’s a grey version without (faux) fur that costs a little less, and here they are in blue.

These come in regular old black, but I’m kind of loving the blue.

Classic duck boots, for your preppier moments.

OK, so I’m not at all certain how the treads would hold up to snow and they’re not exactly boots, but I had to include these leather, faur-fur-lined Converse Chuck Taylors because are they not kind of great? I think they look very Rick Owens.

leather version of classic Hunter boots, lined in shearling, at a very nice price.

This sneaker hybrid is right up my alley.

These lined Tretorns are just adorable.

Posted on December 21st, 2016 17 Comments

Tuesday links


Posted on December 20th, 2016 2 Comments