Saturday 6th June 2020
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Your GOACA Black Friday guide


I wasn’t going to post today, but there’s a dizzying amount going on in the world of retail currently, and it didn’t feel right not to share. First off, the Zero+Maria Cornejo sale has commenced, and there is, as always, much to love. I own and am a big fan of this blanket-stripe tweed jacket, which is now nicely marked down. Also worth knowing: over the holiday weekend, Cornejo is donating a percentage of sales to Planned Parenthood. So are a number of other female-run businesses, including Apiece Apart, Ace and Jig, Clare Vivier, and Ulla Johnson. At Net-a-Porter, they’re donating 15% of all sales of full-priced items to the White Ribbon Alliance, which provides pre-and post-natal care to women in developing nations.

  • Over at Asos, the discount is 30% off sitewide. Just type in THANKFUL30 at checkout.
  • Assouline, home of luxe coffee table books, is offering 25% off all items under $800. The code is CYBERASSOULINE.
  • Macy’s is offering 20% off everything, and a whole lot off of select other items.
  • Shopbop is doing one of their buy more, save more deals: if you spend 200+ you get 15% off; spend $500+ you get 20% off, and spend $800+ you get 25% off. Code is GOBIG16.
  • Frame Denim is also having a progressive sale: if you spend $200, you save %10; $350 saves you 15%; $500 saves you 20% off, and $750 saves you 25%.
  • At Allsaints, you can get 30% off everything by typing in CYBER at checkout.
  • French Connection is offering a whopping 40% off everything. Checkout code: F40BLF
  • There are also really good straight-up sales going on at Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Forward, and Ssense.
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10 Responses

  1. Mae says:

    Athleta is offering 20% off with the code BOOST all weekend.

  2. Cara says:

    Not a sale but still: Patagonia is donating 100% of today’s sales to grass roots environmental groups.

  3. Debra says:

    And J.Crew is offering 40% off everything!!

  4. DeDe says:

    That Maria Cornejo blanket thang is just so freakin good! I love the orange pixel one, too (I can’t even begin to imagine how she must be feeling right now, btw).

    I *think* Rachel Comey is doing a sale deal where a percentage of proceeds are being donated someplace super deserving (I know, so specific! I swear I got an email from them the other day but can’t find it now, figures). Of course if you just want to donate money someplace there are a lot of good options, but the healers’ camp at Standing Rock needs funds – . A 20-something year old girl lost her arm the other day, so they could really use the help, even if it’s just a little sumthin’.

  5. Maureen says:

    All of Everlane’s profits today are going toward buying safe helmets for their workers in Vietnam who primarily commute by moped with no helmet at all.

  6. Francie Worley says:

    Thanks for the list! Although I am disappointed to see Macy’s and Nordstrom’s on the list, since they carry Trump and/or Ivanka Trump products. I’m boycotting them, as well as Amazon (which is the one that hurts the most).

  7. Dana D says:

    Oh Francie…

    Why did you have to share that Amazon carries trump sh__? God! I’m with you then, ok, no more Amazon. While not surprised, I’ll register a protest vote through the cancellation of my prime service …

    Now I’m re-thinking all of the many things I buy through my membership…(if I can’t find it elsewhere, then I don’t need it?)

    I’ve already written off Macy’s and Nordstrom and don’t shop at all on “black” friday as I find the name of the day offensive. I love, however, that so many shops are doing good by the money they make today.

  8. Dana D says:

    Just one more thing…

    I will admit that I’ve kept my head in the sand regarding all of the bad press that swirls around Amazon…

    I just didn’t want to see it because I didn’t want to give up my books and household items from Amazon. I consider myself a fairly ethical shopper, but I wasn’t willing to make the sacrifice as far as Amazon is concerned.

    So really, thank you, Francie, for pushing me to a new level. I’ve read the words of so many here who truly feel that now is the time to sacrifice and stand up in a new way. Continue to be grateful for this community…

  9. rosemary says:

    tnx for the word esp on Frame.