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Wednesday links


  • Abbi Jacobson of Broad City has a new book out called Carry This Book, and it’s got clever illustrations in which she imagines the contents of notable women’s bags. You can see a few here.
  • Here’s the first Gilmore Girls trailer, for those of you who are so inclined. (Flavorwire)
  • Kate McKinnon’s Ghostbusters outtakes reel is pretty funny. I like her. (Kottke)
  • The 25 scariest opening scenes in horror movie history. (A.V. Club)
  • I really want to go to Italy’s premier antiques fair.  The Fornasetti! (Collector’s Weekly)



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Dept. of don’t need, must have


I own enough sweaters.  I know this. But I love the look of this wool and cashmere crewneck, part of a whole collection of ribbed wool and cashmere sweaters that Everlane brought forth into the world earlier this week.

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My uniform, makeup edition


If I’m leaving the house, I’m wearing makeup. Doesn’t matter where I’m going or what I’m doing: I have headed, unbathed, many a morning in my jeans and sneaks and the tee I slept in, to the dog run with a face fully done, just because to do otherwise feels not quite imaginable to me at this stage in the game. Ten years ago I’d run out of the house with nothing but a swipe of the mascara wand. But you get older, your lashes thin, your cheeks no longer flush of their own volition. Beauty fades. It just does. I like to think of myself as drawing it back in.* The first thing I put on my face after washing it is Bobbi Brown BB Cream, which I switched to a while back because it has a higher SPF (35) than the BB Cream I previously used. It’s also an uncannily good match for my skin tone. In addition to which, you can see my actual skin underneath it, which is key: who can bear a foundation-y look?


Next up, I draw in my nonexistent brows with this pencil from YSL. Seriously, my brows are quite scant, so I need a product that doesn’t end up looking altogether fake, and somehow, this doesn’t.


For eyeliner these days I’m using this MAC color, a rich-but-not-too-dark brown that I picked up in the beauty closet when I visited Tribeca Mom at work not long ago. It goes on easier than most liners, and seems hard to screw up, which is key, because did I mention that I’m not especially good at applying makeup?


I am forever trying new mascaras, then going back to old favorites, and right now I’ve returned after an extended break to Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced, even though I hate the name, because it delivers volume better than anything else I’ve ever tried.


I’m still very much liking the MAC lipstick I picked up (and wrote about) not long ago, but am back to using this really good red I acquired in August, because it reminds me of  the summer, which I’m already missing.


I could never make a go of most blushes without the results looking horribly artificial. But just a bit of this—and a little goes a seriously long way; I’ve had the same eensy bottle for over a year—imparts the nicest, most natural flush.


*I realize there is a big no-makeup movement going on at the moment, and that many people feel quite empowered by it. If that’s your thing, fantsatic. This is what works for me. 

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Tuesday links


  • A very satisfying slideshow of canine costumes from the annual Tompkins Square Park dog run Halloween parade. (PIX11)
  • Prepare to fall down a crazy rabbit hole with this rundown of the 70 greatest conspiracy theories in pop culture history. (Vulture)
  • What do we think of the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is set to play Zelda Fitzgerald in an upcoming biopic? (Flavorwire)
  • This complete rundown of the 281 people, places, and things the Republican candidate for president has insulted on Twitter is something else. (NY Times)
  • This is not unexciting: next year there will be Girl Scout cookie cereal. (Mental Floss)


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Faking an expensive look: all black cool-weather chic


Even though I can’t personally imagine wearing cropped pants and no socks on a day that’s cold enough to warrant a coat as heavy as this woman is wearing, I think she looks absolutely fantastic, and so appealingly low-key luxe. Couldn’t be a simpler look to do for cheap, too.


Start out with this mohair blend sweater, which’ll run you just a speck under $100.


Next, pony up a pair of quite nicely and simply tailored trousers.


This double breasted coat isn’t quite as grand as the one in the picture—I love those big lapels—but it’s pretty damn elegant.


The crepe rubber sole softens the look of these Oxfords just a bit.


Finish up with these ever-so-slightly cat-eye sunglasses, just for kicks.

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Let it rain


I love having two dogs, but there are downsides. It’s expensive, for one thing, and more than twice the work, for reasons I still haven’t quite figured out. They fight over toys and have to be disciplined, just like actual children. And when it rains and you have to walk them, there is no carrying an umbrella: even if you become adept at walking them both with one hand—which I nominally am—there is the matter of picking up poop, and for this (at least if you’re trying to maneuver an umbrella) two hands is simply one too few. So like an idiot I have been, for months, just taking them out and getting rained upon, totally forgetting that a whole category of outerwear exists for expressly this purpose. Yes, readers, this is actually a post about me remembering that raincoats with hoods exist. I recently acquired this one—which has many handy pockets for poop bags and such—and my life has been, in its own small way, transformed.

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