Wednesday 28th October 2020
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Five resources for inexpensive art


20×200 is probably my favorite of all the cheap art purveyors out there, and not just because the woman who runs it is a friend of mine and a really awesome person, although there’s certainly that: I also think they provide a strong, broad and quite accessible (but not dumbed-down) selection, and I am forever finding new things to want. I’ve long-coveted a piece from Jane Mount’s Ideal Bookshelf series, and her latest—the Feminist Bookshelf —is pretty stellar.


I’m pretty certain I linked briefly to Swissted about a zillion years ago: graphic designer Mike Joyce combines his twin loves of Swiss Modernism and punk rock to create updated concert posters for everyone from Bowie to the Clash to Bikini Kill. And they’re just so good. Right now I very much want this one for the Velvet Underground.


At Tappan Collective, you can buy actual one-off art (not especially cheap), as well as photographs and limited edition prints, like this digital painting by Marleigh Culver.


Eye Buy Art releases just two new images by emerging artists every two weeks; I’m pretty crazy for this recent photograph by Anastasia Cazabon.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

Photographer Sharon Montrose takes wonderful portraits of animals and sells them on her site, Animal Printshop—I’m a sucker for the baby animal pictures, like the one of this zebra.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Great choices! I adore Sharon Montrose’s work. If you’ll excuse the bit of a plug here, Minted (of custom invite/holiday card fame) just launched a commissioned art service over the summer that lets you work with Minted artists to create a piece of art for your home (here’s my commissioned art page: -and here’s the main commission page – that’s me under ‘commission ideas!’ I’ve been having a blast working with clients to create something specifically for their spaces, and the service starts at $75.

  2. LG says:

    Has Jen Bekman paid all those artists from a few years ago? The one’s whose work sold and she didn’t pay them their cut? Has she stopped charging insane fees for a contest to “win” representation from her “gallery”?

    Bekman is exploitative. Knowing you think so highly of her takes you down a few pegs in my book.

    • DeDe says:

      Do you have a link you can share? Not saying you’re wrong, but if you’re going to make accusations (and impugn someone else in the process), you need to provide some evidence. I’m not finding anything negative on her when I search.

    • Jen Bekman says:

      LG: I’d address you by name, but since you posted anonymously I can’t do that.

      We’ve paid artists hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, and continue to do so today. We’ve gone through challenging times and even faced an uncertain future at one point, but we kept going in spite of the odds.

      The “insane fees” you mention for the photo competition that we hosted for many years are well in line with standard fees for juried competitions. In fact, the fee was considered very reasonable by most since a) the jury itself was top notch b) participating photographers (including many who weren’t selected as finalists) were connected with countless opportunities by our jurors and c) thousands of dollars in grants were awarded to the competition’s winners.

      The gallery you refer to in quotes to somehow indicate it wasn’t legit? It’s on hiatus right now, but I’m incredibly proud of our 11 year tenure on Spring St where we launched the careers of scores of artists, and were reviewed +/or profiled in every single major publication both offline and on. We represented artists in every medium, mounted ambitious, innovative exhibitions and our artists + their work received international acclaim.

      I have worked tirelessly to promote the work of artists for close to 14 years now, and am still deeply passionate about the idea of art collecting becoming the sort of thing that most everyone who has even modest means does. I’m far from perfect, and there have been some wobbly parts (most notably when the company restructured a few years back, allowing me to regain ownership of it from outside investors), but I’ve never, ever given up. I can also rattle off a very long (and growing) list of artists who credit the gallery, 20×200 +/or the competition with being absolutely crucial to their careers, which is my proudest achievement of all.

      Last but not least: I’m also proud to call Kim a friend, and would advise her not to worry too much about being taken down a few pegs by an anonymous troll who views life through such a bitter, cynical lens.

  3. Leya says:

    Cow #2 has made her home on my living room wall for about five years now – I absolutely adore her.

  4. Checkout for affordable art too. think you’ll love it!