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What do you own altogether too many of?


I have a bit of a sunglass problem. Also a denim problem, a Fornasetti problem, and a lipstick problem. And you?

Posted on April 28th, 2016 75 Comments

75 Responses

  1. lori says:

    Definitely sunnies, plus a crazy variety of hippie/ethnic/embroidered purses, and striped tees. Cool shot Kim!

  2. lori says:

    Definitely sunnies, embroidered/boho hippie purses, and striped tees.
    Cool shot, Kim!

  3. Tammy says:

    Hair-styling products, especially sprays for my curly air. And mascara.

    And denim, of course.

  4. Ita Darling says:

    Oh jeez. I own too many of everything. Denim, purses, skin care, sunglasses, cute panties… Scarves!!! Erm… The list goes on! I’m not in the category of minimalist by any means…

  5. y.k. says:

    colored string bracelets with silver beads, friendship bracelets, macrame bracelets. ..hippier the better.

  6. DeDe says:


    • Catbird Farm says:

      Yup, same here. Although, when it comes to cats, “too many” doesn’t really apply. They need us.

  7. Trish says:

    I love all those sunglasses! So funny that you wrote this post and then the one about workout leggings. That’s my kryptonite – those damn printed leggings. I waited forever to get on the bandwagon….tried lots on in stores and thought they all made my butt look big. Guess what? I just had a big butt. I got in gear and shaped up and now I feel more confident in the prints. I have so many pairs – and of course that means I have tons of different shoes to go with different color ways. I stick to solid tops, mostly black, but still…’s a problem. Oh, well. Gets me to the gym daily and motivates me way way more than plain old black leggings. I heart Sweaty Betty and Athleta (last year, not this year – not a fan of their selection this year…) , but am contemplating some from Onezie. And maybe Mara Hoffman…..

  8. kates says:

    Oh dear, lipsticks for sure – always looking for that perfect and usually buying almost the same color every time. At least I’m consistent!

  9. Dana D says:

    High heels (including boots) that I’m not ready to give to my daughter but that sit in my closet unworn…they are beautiful works of design art, and I love looking at them, but I don’t love wearing them anymore.

    Turquoise and silver and bead necklaces, some from travels and many inherited from my grandmother, again, beautiful to look at but too much trouble to wear.

    These items that just sit make me feel like a hoarder.

    Am I getting old?

    • Viajera says:

      So, is it possible at all to wear some of those necklaces as a Y shaped necklace? I like that style and I hate to think of lovely things sitting in a drawer. (Question: is that what a lariat style necklace is though? Or is that just another name for a bolo? That convo the other day confused me a little.)

      • Dana D says:

        I like your idea…I’ll have to see if any of them can be updated in that direction…

        My daughter is waiting for all of it, so as soon as I decide I’m really finished, she can have it…

        and, it is hanging from pins on a fabric-covered cork board inside of a gold picture frame…so it does count as art, no?

  10. Dana says:

    My love for eyeshadow palettes gets me in trouble. I could buy just the one or two shades as singles, but oh no, I have to have the whole damn $55 and up thing.

  11. blackbird says:

    Socks, but never the correct socks.

    • Debra says:

      “. . .never the correct socks.” EXACTLY. I have tons of boots and I can NEVER seem to put on the correct socks for the boots-of-the-day. Too-thin socks for the boots that are slightly large; too-thick socks for the boots that hug my foot. Always running late so I can’t make the correction before I head out the door. Started inserting correct socks into boots so that when I pull out the boots — the socks are there. But spring came and now my boots are going into storage, sans socks. And the whole thing will start over again next fall. Anyway, I have way too many boots and socks and still can’t get it right.

      • Suz says:

        Exactly! I endorse this.

        • Mimi says:

          I keep a list on my iPad of my boots, sneakers and oxfords and which socks, thicknesswise, work with each pair, i.e. thin trouser socks, thick Wigwams.) I consult the list when I get dressed and it saves time and agony.

  12. Amanda says:

    Grey linen t-shirts. There is a line between stocking up on that perfect version and crazy hoarding, and I’m afraid I’ve crossed it. And makeup products in general, I guess. I don’t actually have that much makeup, but it gets worn so rarely that even my small stock seems like more than I need.

  13. Dusa says:

    Scarves, wooden paddle-style cutting boards, nail polish.

  14. Rae says:

    Scarves, fabric, and Denim. So much denim. And I’m considering ordering another pair of my current favorite jeans because … what if something happens to the perfect pair? … what if they discontinue the style?… Not healthy for my wallet or closet. Kim, I am happy to take some of those sunglasses off your hands!

  15. Lesley says:

    Shoes, backlogged from the time that I bought 4 or 5 (maybe 6?) pairs a year. I have reformed my ways, but hey, I bought high-quality, so they will take me through a few more decades!

    • Jenny says:

      Please tell me that I’m not the only reader for whom 4-5 new pairs a year IS a “reformed” year! My excuses: I walk everywhere, so the shoe budget and the transportation budget overlap (although, truth be told, I don’t walk everywhere in my heels.) And I got a big new job last year, and am shoe-ing up for it. Still.

  16. LisaR says:

    Makeup. I go through phases in what I buy. This has been the spring of many blushes and highlighters.

    Also, striped nautical t-shirts and striped nautical dresses – I definitely need to branch out into floral or polka dots or some other pattern this year.

    I too have numerous sunglasses, but since they are each quite different, I won’t admit to having too many!

  17. Gemma says:

    Orthopedic heels. I have bad knees and a love of shoes.

  18. Sandy says:

    Scarves. So many that I forget what I have, but then it’s always fun to stumble upon one that I forgot about and love! And coats – but I live in MN so I need a full range of options!

  19. caroline says:

    It’s strange..
    There are somethings I truly need but never get around to buying, like a a smart wool coat! never the right one.
    However I can’t seem to pass up a slouchy grey t-shirt..
    Or a black dress. If it’s a good one, it’s mine.
    Also cool vintage ashtrays. Midcentury glass ones especially.
    Don’t even smoke, never have. Just love them.

    • Rebecca says:

      I have all the smart wool coats. Which is why I can’t afford a decent slouchy grey t-shirt…

      • caroline says:


        • Mockingbird says:

          I have three wool coats and have never lived anywhere with a real winter. I remind myself of this when I see a lovely one on major sale (which happens when you live somewhere you don’t get winters but the stores stock them anyway).

  20. Corrin says:

    Sunglasses, jeans, bracelets, swimsuits, beach hats…

  21. Cara says:

    I have an “everything” problem (shoes,bags,jewelry, underwear etcetera).And I call myself a minimalist. Probably need to rethink.

  22. Bex says:

    Earrings, lipsticks and lip balms, perfume, scarves, and yarn with which to knit more scarves. I’m knitting a red one right now. It’s a sickness.

  23. Mostly everything. Lately it’s been non-gym sneakers, anything striped, workout clothes, jeans/pants, Madewell jewelry, jackets, bikinis & bandanas. I’m also working on my small Bella Freud sweater collection. But it’s shoes, always and forever.

  24. darcy h says:

    Coats. By far.

  25. Katie Lynn says:

    Earrings, Dr Pepper chapstick (there is a tube everywhere I ever sit down), and bras. So many bras.

  26. Victoria says:

    Necklaces, bracelets, handbags, boots, scarves, and puffy vests. I manage to avoid being a complete cliche by also collecting kitschy tea towels when I travel (useful! cheap!)and vintage Queen Victoria (namesake) commemorative silver brooches.

    I am also a serial lipstick buyer.

    God, that’s a lot, given that I only have one neck, two wrists, two feet, one torso, and one mouth.

  27. christie says:

    the same black t-shirt (Vince)… and the same black boy shorts (Gap), like not kidding 40 pairs. all black everything, really.
    That said, i am loving The Great’s and believe I have them in every color.
    Oh, and an addiction to melamine plates.

  28. Sara says:

    Sunglasses. But as an Angeleno, I consider this a necessary, if pricey, habit. Plus I never lose them, so I don’t feel too terribly guilty about paying for good quality. My favorites are always Oliver Peoples, but I have a pair of Chanel sunglasses from 2008 that I still get compliments on whenever I wear them. Sometimes when I look at the full collection, I think, “god, I am a total badass.”

  29. Kirstjen says:

    I buy way too many pairs of glasses, too many boxes of stationery and journals, short black boots, and lipgloss.

  30. Mae says:

    Coats and jackets and sweaters, oh my. And shoes, shoes, shoes.

  31. Violet says:

    silver earrings
    eyeshadow palettes (from which I use only one or two colors)
    makeup brushes
    scarves (one for each coat, several silky ones I wore once)

  32. Qzie says:

    I have a drawer in my kitchen for sunglasses. Is that too much? 🙂

  33. c.w. says:

    Define “too many.”

  34. Anne says:

    Lipsticks, scarves, striped shirts, hair styling products, office supplies…

  35. Rebecca says:

    I just spent two hours ironing all of my cotton dress shirts…plain, stripes, crazy prints, short sleeves, long sleeves – the sleeveless poplin ones from Everlane! So many shirts!

  36. Kristen says:

    Shoes, shoes, more shoes, but I draw the line at any athletic sneakers. Converse/Jack Purcell is as far as I will go and only the sequined, shiny silver or straight black will do. I think I am up to over 160 pairs of shoes now. I keep telling myself I don’t ‘need’ anymore, but then something else divine like those Miu Miu Buckled leather ballet flats comes along….and I have to track them down and add them to the collection. Shoe are the one item of clothing that doesn’t care if you gained 5 pounds over the holidays:)

  37. Adrien says:

    Striped tee shirts, handbags, and lip gloss. Mostly striped tee shirts!

  38. KC says:

    Pricey nude lip glosses which read as nothing on my lips. Hard to source “natural” lip balms. Hair products which promise beachy waves.

    Endless small black leather purse accessories – make-up bags, card vases, mini-wallets, coin purses. Niche perfumes and the myriad sample vials it takes to pull the trigger on a full bottle.

    Japanese datebooks (Nobonichi) and notebooks (Stalogy) and Pilot Hi-Tec pens and pencils to use on them. Travel mugs and water bottles. Japanese temple incense. Dog leashes. Artisanal wooden spatulas.

    I realize now I am a living meme of an annoying LA Woman.

  39. Amy says:

    Coach bags (14 and counting) and milk glass (over 100 pieces omgwtflmao). At least I buy the milk glass at the thrift store.

  40. sarah jones says:

    grey v-neck cashmere sweaters, boots, dark red nail polish, denim shirts. Oh, and books I don’t get around to reading!

  41. Suz says:

    Umm…I have more vintage handbags than I could use in 20 years.

    Taupe-y eyeshadows, clothing that is olive green, especially jackets and shirts (my closet looks at times as if I have enlisted), leather jackets/vintage leather jackets, vintage 40’s dresses (which are too beautiful to part with but never see the outside world), black v-neck t shirts, tiki mugs, art prints (need more empty walls)

  42. LMM says:

    Earrings, rings, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, Aerie lace boyshorts.

  43. JES says:

    Books – even BEFORE I started working in a bookstore, and now I get free books EVERY DAY…

  44. StillWannaBeWinona says:

    Black jersey dresses (I have a slight James Perse problem), but then again when I don’t have time to do laundry, I end up not having enough black jersey dresses.

    Red lipsticks, specifically NARS, particularly the pencil-y ones.

    Little notebooks. I never seem to write in them; I never seem to have one handy when I need it. But I will buy cute little notebooks from expensive (or not) Japanese and European companies whenever and wherever I see them.

  45. gablesgirl says:

    Basset hounds (on my third), lipsticks, make up bags and bathing suits.

  46. liz says:

    perfume, shoes, handbags, tea and chocolate

  47. Colleen says:

    Such fun (and such a relief) to read and see I’m in good company in my fashion/beauty habit. My healthcare job has me in poly-cotton scrubs all week,, so my overflowing closet is the result of wishful thinking. After work I primarily reach for the stretchy pants and fuzzy socks (and a glass of wine). I buy clothes for a life I simply do not lead! But allow me to add, that in my imaginary life, my outfits are as cute as all hell 🙂 !!!!!!!!

  48. Mockingbird says:

    Lipsticks. I counted up just the reds once and I think I had around a dozen. But each is subtly different in shade and/or finish. And I have way too many sweaters for someone who’s never lived north of the Mason Dixon line and spent 14 years in LA. I’m actually rebuilding my sweater collection, because I had a horrible plague of moths that meant I sobbed as I had to throw away cashmere (I darned as many as were salvageable).

  49. Earrings, I have a tackle box full of studs and hoops and then another container for the big one statement style ones that would not fit into the little compartments.
    Scarves, I usually rotate them through the seasons via a drawer and a suitcase so I feel I can always buy a new one as I am never seeing them all in one spot!

  50. Scarves. Love them, can’t stop. Used to have a problem with notebooks — fed by the fact that I’m a writer and should theoretically have/use them. But . . . NO. NO MORE.

  51. joannawnyc says:

    1. Grey v-neck t-shirts. I will never have to buy another one, or so it seems.

    2. Mascara, even though I don’t really wear it.

    3. Cute little notebooks, even though I put a stop to acquisitions a while back.

  52. nebbe says:

    Perfumes! T-shirts! Denim! Shoes! All the fun!

  53. Rosanne Cowen says:

    Lipsticks. Anti-aging creams, serums, goos, oils, lotions and potions. Black boots.

  54. AmyM says:

    Non-workout sneakers, stretch cotton tank tops, lip products of all kinds and eyeshadow palettes, even though I pretty much don’t sport anything more daring than a neutral, slightly smokey eye. They’re just so beautiful, I can’t resist.

  55. mergerina says:

    204 lipsticks. But pretty much everything. I’m a collector: jewelry, scarves, shoes, nail polish, evening bags, and I have no idea how many books.

  56. Maggie says:

    Pea coats. I have six and only two of them are black (one is heavy wool and one is a lighter boiled wool). Lipsticks. Ballet flats. Cardigans. MZ Wallace bags (good thing the latest ones are ugly but I am not above eBay for styles I missed).

  57. ToCatinhat says:

    Books & earrings. I’m not sure I could ever have enough of these.

  58. Sundae says:

    Ah this is too good!

    Sunglasses – no repeat styles, but probably up on 30 pairs? I have sensitive eyes and never leave home without them. That’s my story and I’m sticking w it.

    And coats coats jackets and coats. The idea of having just one baffles me. And leather skirts; they make me feel bad ass when everything I wear is disappointingly not. But they’re so versatile! And black jackets/Blazers as a category separate to jackets (general) because it’s impossible to look less than elegant in them.

    I’ll stop there 🙂