Wednesday 8th February 2023
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I love this stuff

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The reappearance of my roots is never something that happens gradually. Instead, I just wake up one morning and there they are: suddenly very visible, and just that much more grey than the last time around. And so I was thrilled to discover Color Wow, which you simply brush on the affected spots. It comes in multiple shades, and reader, it and works like a miracle. I swear it makes you look like you have more volume too—a big plus for the fine-haired among us.

Posted on March 30th, 2016 9 Comments

9 Responses

  1. Elisa says:

    You are so right about this! I have tried sprays, mascara-like wands and this is the one I have stuck with.

  2. lindanyc says:

    Me too — LOVE this! I used to be devoted to Rita Hazan’s color touch-up spray, but it’s a bit tacky (as in sticky) to the touch. This is so much better! LOVE LOVE! Also, fyi, I’ve trolled a bit for deals on this (I buy in bulk!) & have found QVC (of all places) to be the most reliable for price points a bit less than elsewhere. Must say, I also Love it when I find I have something else in common with GOACA!

  3. Diane says:

    I tried this last summer but it didn’t work for me. When I put my sunglasses on top of my head it smeared onto them and then ended up on my face when I put the glasses back on. Maybe there was a trick I was missing?

    • lindanyc says:

      This happens to me too. But the Rita also transferred to my glasses (the nose-resting part) so I’ve just tried to train myself not to push my glasses up to my hair or, when I’ve done it unthinkingly (as I do), to remember to wipe off the nose huggers before I set them back on me’face!

  4. Amy in StL says:

    I have a coworker who uses a powder and she has very, very thin hair. It settles onto her scalp throughout the day, so it looks odd, instead of like she has full hair.

  5. Caroline says:

    I bought this product and had high hopes for it. But while I like the fact that it’s not heavy or sticky on my hair, overall I’m not a fan. It’s just too much work to brush on the powder, my application is generally uneven and blotchy, and it just takes me way too long to get even ok results. However, I did recently find this at my salon:

    It is similar to the Root Wow in that it is a powder, and feels much the same on my hair, but the key difference is the applicator, which is a small sponge. It works like a charm, application is even, not blotchy, super fast, and I’m really happy with my results.

  6. Serafina says:

    I discovered this recently and it is better than anything around!

  7. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I liked it, but I’m too damned lazy to stick with it!