Wednesday 8th February 2023
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Tuesday links


  • If you have even an ounce of design nerd in you, it’s probable you will want to fall deep into the rabbit hole with this epic slideshow of important moments in graphic design history. (Design Facts via Kottke)
  • You might want to join The Fug Girls in Fug Madness, their annual quest—driven by reader votes—to crown the worst-dressed celebrity of the year. (Go Fug Yourself)
  • Improbably enough, Harper Lee visited the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and her reaction was pretty priceless. (Jezebel)
  • Coffee: good for you! (The Science of Us)
  • This rundown of the  best TV crossover episodes of all time includes my personal favorite: when Homicide: Life on the Streets and Law & Order came together as one. (Vulture)
Posted on March 29th, 2016 4 Comments

4 Responses

  1. Dana D says:

    I admire people who don’t drink coffee for health reasons…

    but I will never be one of them, so I love it when research shows that we coffee drinkers may live longer or be more alert or have cleaner livers…

  2. Dana D says:

    (please take out the “since” or the “so”…wrote this before I had my coffee…)

  3. laurajeanorama says:

    The graphic design slideshow is great! Love all the Saul Bass tidbits.

  4. Viajera says:

    Coffee research: yessssssssssss!!!!

    Okay, but now what about the milk I’m putting in it? Does anyone know any reliable source of nutrition info? This is imo the Wild West days of nutrition… you’ve got “experts” all over the map. (F.e., I am now reading a book about how gluten poisons the brain… while I sit here with a huge bowl of whole wheat pasta! Confused??? You betcha!!!) Then there are the long term implications of my allergy medicine.

    I am more or less sold on the Mediterranean thing, and the fish thing (though I haven’t managed to actually start eating it much). But beyond that lies a huge gray area.

    Or, I can just decide not to worry about it! (Though even if I do that, there is still my animal rights friend who wants to get me off dairy. Oy.)

    Meanwhile… I miss Gee too! We hardly knew him.