Tuesday 4th August 2020
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Thursday trifecta

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.28.42 PM

Stars rendered in dark hues—or against a dark backdrop, as is the case with this Clare V clutch—are suddenly feeling quite chic to me.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.43.50 PM

This caftan is from Emerson Fry’s spring line (which just launched, BTW) and I am running out of reasons not to buy it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.46.53 PM

Ridiculously costly, absolutely perfect Golden Goose sneakers.


Posted on March 10th, 2016 11 Comments

11 Responses

  1. c.w. says:

    Wow, these are all outstanding choices. Don’t use a clutch (I would lose any purse immediately that was not attached to my body by a strap), but if I did I would use this one. The sneakers don’t come in my size so I can drool over them safely. But the caftan––Good Golly––that’s an article of clothing that could get you through just about any occasion all summer long. In short. Want.

    • DeDe says:

      Clare V. makes a damn good bag, but I don’t play the where-did-I-put-my-clutch game, either. Maybe someday she will have an epiphany and do a detatchable strap-type thing for us forgetful (or terminally encumbered) types.

  2. Adrien says:

    Ever since David Bowie died I see black stars everywhere. That dress! Kind of amazing.

  3. Deborah says:

    Living for Golden Goose sneakers but they are so damn expensive that I’ll probably never own a pair. The designs are beyond cool, love them!

  4. y.k. says:

    the GG sneakers recently hit my radar much to my unhappiness. they are perfect & there are no dupes.

  5. Viajera says:

    Off to the convent again I see. Harrumph.

    And maybe I need to see the sneaks in person? Not getting them.

    • Jen M says:

      You are cracking me up!!!! I can think of 50 reasons not to buy that caftan. And I like caftans. a lot!

      Also, my last pricey purchase from E Fry went straight back. The quality and fit were terrible. one good thing came of it–I no longer spend hours mooning over their clothes!

    • I agree to me they look like some 90’s Converse!

  6. Mary Alice says:

    That caftan’s beautiful but I would look 9 months pregnant in it (and at my age, that would be a startling sight)

  7. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Well, I’m partial to Clare V, anyway, so I love that bag. Isn’t that caftan the BEST! Buy it, Kim!!!