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teva metallic

Can somebody please help me understand why I am obsessed with these Metallic Tevas? They are so aggressively not my thing, and yet I can’t get them out of my head. Am I the only person out there who is capable of shocking herself on occasion with her own taste? Or are these actually kind of cute? Please do weigh in.

Posted on April 20th, 2015 67 Comments

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  1. Alicia says:

    I don’t think these are cute. You have been confused by the shiny surface, I think. Teva’s are not cute. They are practical for certain things, but not cute. No shininess will change that. There are so many other cute comfy sandals out there! Go to the fitflop website and see some.

  2. y.k. says:

    the more i look at them the nicer they look. i will quickly close this tab now.

  3. cedar says:

    They’re actually less clumpy and probably more foot-flattering than the Flamingos from last week, and about a 5th of the price, so there’s that.

    I’m not going to argue that Tevas make wildly fashion forward shoes, but they are insanely comfortable. I have at least four pairs in basically that style, and have put in more than ten miles a day in them without any foot pain.

    Some of the wedges are actually pretty slick looking too:

  4. y.k. says:

    i officially like them now. someone just has to put some fur on the bed of the sole…

  5. Dana D says:

    Vogue showed pics of the white ones last year…I loved the images.

    And the wedge Tevas are amazing!

    But out here in California we can pretty much wear sandals all year now, so maybe drought-chic is a new thing (and I say that with great respect for the seriousness of our current situation).

  6. Raina says:

    You suffered a lasting allergic reaction to your pneumonia medications?

  7. Lyn says:

    Oh I love these! I do have a pair of original Tevas but only wear them for biking or canoeing! They are so comfortable & these I could wear with everything!

  8. Jenny says:

    I’m crazy for the Teva flatforms, myself. I don’t see them in NYC, but I bet you’d wear them to bits on vacation.

  9. Caroline says:

    I shocked myself when buying silver metallic Birkenstocks (Gizah) and I love them especially because they are ironic. To me, Birks are very earthy and boho, while the metallic material is urban chic. The metallic Tevas however, lack the irony and they have Velcro, which IMO belongs only on toddler shoes.

    • Mamavalveeta03 says:

      My 2-yr old granddaughter just enthusiastically said, “No!” (But she IS two…)

    • Heather says:

      I bought the same ones last summer! They were all over Manhattan. I like to think they’re cute with a sundress, or with white jeans and a breezy top. Tevas, however, will always read “stoned dude playing hackey sack” to me.

  10. marjorie says:

    I love them — I think they’re witty! They’re a familiar hippie workhorse sandal rendered in glittery embossed gold, as if a princess were forced to attend canoe camp. Or Private Benjamin with river rapids. Or something.

    HOWEVER the one review on the Nordstrom site is terrible.

    • caroline says:

      Haaaaa!! So true.
      for me the silver redeems them.
      I have special dislike for teva. Especially purple ones, blech….
      But making them shiny&fancy is a touch subversive somehow and suddenly they possess charm.
      I’m shocked to say this but I think I would.
      I love it when something is given a twist and suddenly you can see it with fresh eyes!

    • Jessica says:

      Marjorie nailed it. I’m pretty much determined to get myself some Birkenstock Gizehs in platinum this summer. I think the combination of sillyness, glam, and comfort is very Girl of a Certain Age.

  11. Heather says:

    What Marjorie said so eloquently.

    • KimFrance says:

      Agreed. Nailed it, Marjorie.

    • Ritu says:

      Yes, marjorie!

      Practical notes:
      I have the Original (thong style) and wear them a lot, as a waterproof alternative to my many Birkenstocks, but the ankle straps are loose and I have to pull them tight and tuck them in. I also bought last year’s Teva x Opening Ceremony collab in gold. Those are interesting, very comfy cushioned footbed. I love them, but main issue for me is that the plastic pieces that join the straps in the Universal style can be painful. Thus, for long days, I prefer to wear them with socks.

  12. Corrin says:

    I’m big into ugly footwear this season, so I’m into them.

  13. Kate says:

    All I can see when I look at them are hairy toes with toenails that haven’t ever seen a pedicure…and I’m talking about the women.

    I want to like them because I am a mammal and like shiny things. But unless you have well groomed feet, I don’t want to see that much of your hoof.

    • DeDe says:

      That logic would apply to a hell of a lot of sandals, though. And somehow I don’t think Kim’s running around without a pedi (though I might be, because I can’t afford them).

  14. vintagestarparis says:

    You like them because:
    – They are cute.
    – They don’t take themselves seriously.
    – They are a wink to the fact that lots of women welcome a bit o (feminine) bling on the workhorse.
    And you should never be so old and set in your ways that you cannot change your mind about something.

    And now, I shall go and order a pair.

  15. kelly says:

    Birkenstocks are kind of the gateway drug to Tevas.

    • Amy in StL says:

      They completely are! I started with some patent (faux) leather Birkis, then I had gold Birks and finally on vacation I found myself wanting Tevas. In my defense I was in Montana, but I thought I’d never buy shoes with velcro!

  16. Sara M says:

    They arent cute. Im sure theyre comfortable and practical. But not cute.

  17. janisemarie says:

    As Marjorie noted — review on the site pans them, says they are cheap-looking and badly made. Get silver Birks.

  18. c.w. says:

    I tried to order these two weeks ago (saw them in a Title 9 catalogue), but they don’t come in my size.

    I agree that Marjorie describe the attraction perfectly.

  19. c.w. says:

    Apparently I lied (unintentionally which must mean I’m a politician). They don’t come in my size in the Title 9 catalogue, but they do at Nordstrom. I’m going to check them out in person later this week. A fashion recognizance mission. Will report back.

  20. AmyM says:

    They definitely have a certain charm. I’ve been eyeing the Teva flatforms ever since someone mentioned them in a comment here last week. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet but since I live in a climate where sandals are appropriate (and necessary) 9 months of the year, I’m sure it won’t be long before I do.

  21. kate412 says:

    Never ever. Ever.

  22. Rebecca says:

    Totes cute!

  23. Viajera says:

    I’m going to go with Alicia and Marjorie — it is the shiny that is attracting you. Overall though, I’ve seen much worse and if they really are comfortable there’s no harm in it, so why not just give in?

    I wonder though. I’ve never tried Tevas, but the position of the frontmost strap makes me wonder if they might flop a little and I’d trip myself. I don’t always pick my feet up high enough.

    But so many here say they are comfy, so maybe it’s not a problem. (Btw, ten miles in a sandal with no pain is an amazing recommendation — wonderful. They must have arch support? Good to know. But if I’m going to walk that much I think visually I prefer a sneaker. A mesh sneaker can be very airy and cool. Or a Birk.)

    • Viajera says:

      Oh, and to answer the Q, I do shock myself but not very often. Somewhere along the line I picked up a yen for cowboy boots (not scratched yet). And peep-toe booties, which I initially hated (also not scratched – most are so high). Leatherish pants, so not me. (Also on the To Do list.)

      Anyway, don’t be too hard on yourself. I hear it’s been another long winter. It’s only natural!

      • AmyM says:

        I’m right there with you on the peep-toe booties. I initially thought they were ridiculous and pointless. But I’ve come to think maybe I was wrong. Sometimes I wonder though, if it’s just that when things become ubiquitous, our eye adjusts to them and we become indoctrinated. I have yet to actually purchase.

  24. Eliana says:

    I wear sandals every day since I live in Arizona but these are not cute. They are different so you are distracted. Be strong, as others have said. Resist the idea of shiny things that mean summer. You will regret them!

  25. joannawnyc says:

    I have a few pairs of silver sandals, so I understand the attraction. But, imo, there are nicer ones out there so I would give these a pass.

  26. E says:

    Peppermint Patty is the only one who can wear these and berks, sorry ladies.

  27. Rebecca says:

    Love them….

    Just leave the socks at home and you won’t have to move to Seattle and wear flannel. Which I say with much love for that fair city.

  28. Ginger says:

    This is such a great thread! I have totally been pondering the patent leather Birks for this summer. I’m tired of buying new flip-flops every summer, but wear them constantly in FL. I was thinking the Birks might last longer? But now, I don’t know. Maybe these? And, to E’s point, my grandaddy always called me Peppermint Patty. It made me so mad back then, but maybe he was right. Too funny!

    • Viajera says:

      So, not that it’s any of my biz, but rumor has it that flip-flops ruin the feet. Not enough support. So, maybe give in and buy the Birks. I don’t know if you can re-sole them (can you tell I’m ooooooooooold? bwahahahaha…. ; > People used to re-sole shoes. It’s true.) or how long they last, but at least your feet will be happy. Allegedly (I’ve never worn Birks, in fact).

      • Violet says:

        You can, indeed, resole Birks and have them repaired in other ways. In my experience it costs about half as much as buying a new pair but it’s well worth it for a trusty pair of comfortable shoes.

        Sure, you can buy several or many (depending on brand/quality) pairs of flip flops for the price of one pair of Birks, but Birks are wayyyy more comfy and sturdy. They are not chic by any means, and most of them are downright frugly (Arizonas, I’m looking at you) but some styles are cute-ish and they do fit into my relatively casual, Midwestern style.

  29. Accidental Icon says:

    I think it is about the shiny. whenever someone pairs some unexpected with something expected it becomes a bit jolting. This is actually related to cognitive science and how our brain reacts to information. Brands are actually studying neurobiology now!

    Accidental Icon

  30. lions says:

    meh – there are way cuter metallic out there. they’ve got a strong pr campaign happening that’s for sure

  31. Trish says:

    I agree, pass.

  32. DelawareDeb says:

    I agree with so many others that the appeal of the shoe is the unexpected combination of the shiny metallic combined with the expected Teva design. I don’t think I can go so far as to say they are cute, but I find them more appealing than a typical Teva.

  33. Rather of the moment – glitz/ortho – a marriage of glitter orthopaedic fashion style. Buy now, wear now, and hope they wear out (significant tread on this shoe)before next trend. PS it is nice to wear comfy shoes for a change!

  34. gablesgirl says:

    Step away from the shoe. I love in South Florida and we laugh/call tourist on anyone wearing these.

  35. Lisa says:

    Like the pants – the shoes, not so much.

  36. Michele says:

    I understand because I’m obsessed with something similar–google the Sandro Alida sandals (available at Bloomingdales, but only on Sandro’s website)–am trying to get them out of my head!

  37. Maggie says:

    These are so me that if I weren’t on a “you are pregnant and not allowed to buy any shoes” ban, I would totally get them. Ridiculous and I love them.

  38. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    One word: Culottes. The most unflattering garment known to exist on the planet (Even if you’re a supermodel). And yet, I’m inexplicably drawn to them. My 16-yr old daughter refuses to hang out with me if I buy a pair.

    • caroline says:

      Ha! So funny!
      My 10 year old actually welled up with tears in the dressing room with me when I tried on a pair of culottes last spring.
      Please mommy no!!

    • Viajera says:

      Well, on the positive side, you have both reared children with good taste. Pat yourselves on the back!

      But I think most capris are almost as bad. And those are everywhere. I have no idea why.

  39. Ann says:

    Ugh. No! You may need an intervention.

  40. Grenadine says:

    I like the silver flat sandal thing with the rolled up slouchy khakis, something cool about that combo. But I would also go for birks probably instead, just because I know they are comfy and well-made. But in general like the look. Have a pair of silver birks wear them all the time in summer. As for “unflattering” clothing and being attracted to it, isn’t this what the man repeller is all about – being honest about the fact that we’re drawn to stuff that is “ugly” to somebody (men?), but somehow sexy anyway (to us). Anyway, not sure why we are drawn to these things but I know exactly the feeling…

  41. Kristen says:

    No, just no. They remind me of an ex-boyfriend I had in the 90’s & I still can’t get the hairy feet image out of my mind now. On the other hand the Teva-Opening Ceremony collection might be something to look into. I like theses:

  42. JW says:

    I like these, and I am one who disliked the other silver pair. I wear the Teva Tirra, a bit clunky but gives a lot of support, great for all day walking. This style does not fit my foot well, offers less support, and is a bit flappy/floppy when walking. But I like the shiny.

  43. No, Kim!! Noooooo!!!!!!! 🙂

  44. c.w. says:

    So I went to Nordstrom this morning and they did have the metallic Tevas, but the toe thong kind not the style Kim features. I didn’t find the straps “flimsy” per se, but they were not as “industrial” as regular Teva straps. The thing is in person they aren’t so metallic. More white than shiny silver (photoshop?). I didn’t even try them on because I prefer the strap-over-the-toes style rather than toe-thong. Of course with Nordstrom the returning is so easy that if you are leaning in the metallic Teva direction it might be worth ordering a pair online. (while on my mission I did manage to buy those beaded Sam Eldeman espadrilles and a pair of metallic Ugg sandals and a new pair of Havanas so the mission wasn’t a total loss!)

  45. Heather says:

    I’m contemplating these:

    Am I insane? I’ve always liked Kork-Ease, but most of them are platforms and I’d be 11 feet tall.

  46. Patti says:

    I have been wondering the EXACT SAME THING ever since I saw some rose gold Tevas in the Athleta catalog. Thanks for helping me feel not so alone!