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Posted on January 30th, 2015 8 Comments

8 Responses

  1. Mary Alice says:

    How much fun would it be to see a Flight of the Chonchords in concert? I’ll be the one requesting “Too Many DIcks on the Dance Floor”!

  2. Viajera says:

    Ditto the Choncords.

  3. Meegan says:

    Vogue is so sad these days, irrelevant even.

  4. Jill Lynch says:

    Love the Conchords — hope this is for real.

    My husband just met Murray at the All Blacks vs Team USA event in Chicago a few weeks ago. He told Murray that his outfit wasn’t “rock n roll enough” and then he took attendance 🙂

  5. Camla says:

    Off topic question:
    Ever since I saw the Bill Cunningham documentary, I have been a fan. I watch On the Street with Bill Cunningham religiously and love his idiosyncratic take on fashion. This week only 4,300 people besides me have watched it. Why is he not more popular???