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I want all of these things

tuxedo tunic

After an eternity of sales and the same old product I feel like I’ve been staring down for months, J. Crew has at last posted fresh new merch online. Here are a few pieces that have caught my eye, from the intergalactically splurgy to the pleasingly under $100. First up: I can’t let the fact that it’s not crisp white shirt season prevent me from pointing out the excellent example of the genre that is this tuxedo tunic. (Why they’ve styled it in Pilgrim mode here is mystifying, but unbuttoned at the neck it’ll be fantastic. And this is just exactly the type of hem that makes front-tucking a breeze.)

crossbody bag

I’m a sucker for a blue leather bag—as colored leather goes, it is by far the most versatile hue—and this one is perfect for days when you don’t need to be lugging around your whole life.

rosa de la cruz

UK-based jewelry designer Rosa de la Cruz has obsessed me for a while now, but her stuff has been nearly impossible to find in the States. J. Crew is now carrying her as part of their (pretty great) fine jewelry collection, and while they’ve got some of her less expensive (but still not cheap) pieces, this pendant is of course the one upon which I’m totally fixated.

shirt dress

This shirt dress is definitely for warmer weather, but you can easily adapt it to wear right now: just put a long sleeved tee underneath it, a cardigan over it, then throw on some black and tights and high boots and you’re set.

Posted on January 29th, 2015 9 Comments

9 Responses

  1. y.k. says:

    i want every single one of these things and i agree with every single thing you said. sigh.

  2. c.w. says:

    All lovely choices. And if someone wants to give me that necklace, I will be very gracious when I accept it.

  3. Suz says:

    The tux tunic sort of looks like something Katherine Hepburn would wear as a mormon. It would look like a maternity schmatta on me sadly, but I love that J Crew offers up these simple, classic, clean pieces. I have grown so weary of the designer everything that everyone seems to be wearing. All of these pieces leave room for the person wearing them. They are stylish in the true sense.

    Love the purse and dress particularly. Those may be coming home.

  4. Lisa S. says:

    I didn’t want the dress until you pointed out how to wear it in cool weather. I’m a sucker for three-season dressing.

    My wallet and I thank(?) you.

  5. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    This is why I love J Crew…their perfect basics.

  6. Viajera says:

    So, I am in no way against this necklace — it’s charming — but I hope you already have at least one star necklace already? (Rhetorical! ;> ) Surely there is no reason to wait.

    And it’s so nifty that it’s a teensy bit asymmetrical. So definitely you probably need at least one more. And a spare in case it gets lost. Plus it would look nice on mothers and SILs. I wonder if there is a bulk discount? It’s not like it’s the sort of thing that anyone would ever get sick of. I think that even if I were a man, I would want one. I wonder with the current vogue for facial hair if men are also wearing more jewelry? I’ll have to look for that.

  7. I have so many shirt dresses. For good reason. They are so easy to wear. I think I spent one summer wearing only a shirt dress in some form or another.

  8. vintagestarparis says:

    Hi there-
    Who is the shirtdress by? For some reason I often have trouble with your links, and I’ve tried on two browsers. (This link is dead.)
    Thx in advance.