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framed red plastic

I love 20×200 for rendering the scary, intimidating art world accessible and fun with their reasonably-priced limited edition prints. And I’m an even bigger fan of 20×200 founder and CEO (and GOACA regular) Jen Bekman, who has—awesomely, and so in the spirit of the season—extended 15% off purchases of $60 or more exclusively to all of you. There is an enormous quantity of good stuff to choose from. So selfishly, because I think she has great taste and I only want to copy her, I asked Jen to pick some favorites.

Red Plastic Plates by Ann Toebbe  (above) “I am absolutely crazy about Ann’s work. Her style is distinctive, intelligent, and accomplished, and her subject matter (home, memory, family and all the conflicted feelings related to those things) really resonates with me. Her original pieces are just incredible, and I’m still kicking myself for not purchasing one back when they were still affordable. I love all of her editions, but Red Plastic Plates is the very first one we released with her, so it’s a sentimental favorite.”


tower framed

Eiffel Tower (vintage edition) “One of the dreamiest parts of my dream job? Attending Paris Photo every November. This year’s sojourn was particularly sublime, with lots of long walks to take in its gorgeous parks and monuments. I never once got this close to the Eiffel Tower,  but this is still a great reminder of my second-favorite city.”


framed bell

Arthur’s Seat by Laura Bell “Laura’s work is so romantic and mysterious, I can’t help but start making up stories every time I see one of her photos. The craggy coast of Arthur’s Seat is made that much more intriguing by its circular framing. Is it a portal into another place and time? Are you scouring the coastline for a mysterious figure that’s hidden by the cinematic mist? Your own tale will probably be different, which is exactly the point: to weave one’s own stories into the art you live with is to make it uniquely your own.”


This offer is good until the end of the month, but if you want your print by Christmas, you must order by midnight Wednesday. 





Posted on December 15th, 2014

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