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Autumn in Pomerania, north side of Poland. Forest near Gdynia.





Posted on October 23rd, 2014 3 Comments

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  1. c.w. says:

    Fall foliage photos beautiful

    Ikea ad…love it (although they could’ve just shown people trying to put together Ikea furniture and that would’ve been scary enough).

    Baby names…I had to laugh…when I named my son––John––people said, “how ordinary,”––however ordinary people felt his name was it turns out he was the ONLY John in his entire elementary school amongst the dozens of Max, Casey, Dylan etc. Crazy.

  2. Great casting with Christian Bale. I’m definitely seeing this movie.

  3. christin says:

    Good to have a competent actor who melds into his roles handle this one.
    Canadian artist Alex Colville is being featured at the Art Gallery of Ontario (in Toronto) right now and the theme is popular culture inspired by his work. One of them? The Shining. Apparently several of his paintings are recreated in scenes from the movie. Cool, and kind of creepy.