Thursday 24th September 2020
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Going green


I love when the fashion forces determine it’s time to trot out some nice, rich, jewel-tone greens: done right, they’re sophisticated, unexpected, and just as poppy as heck.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.28.54 AM

print that doesn’t take itself too seriously worn as part of an otherwise quite straightforward outfit is always aces in my book.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.22.10 AM

Throw this elegant number on with anything—jeans, a straight skirt, slouchy trousers—and poof! your outfit’s interesting.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.02.37 AM

My coat closet is a sea of black and more boring black; this might mix things up a bit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.19.51 AM

Scarves: the lazy girl’s way to embrace any trend.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.38.05 AM

top with definite reach-for-it-every-day potential.

Posted on August 26th, 2014 22 Comments

22 Responses

  1. 13bees says:

    ha! so that’s why I love scarves so much!

  2. c.w. says:

    So weird as I’ve been thinking about green the last couple of days as this past Sunday’s NYTimes magazine “T” section seemed to have loads of green inspiration.

    Love both those blouses!

  3. Lo says:

    I LOVE the green dress in the first picture. Do you know where it’s from?

    • Shawn says:

      Hey the dress in the first picture is Derek Lam from about 12 years ago. I know because I own it! It was my very first grown up Barney’s purchase and I still wear it. Green it’s a classic.

  4. AmyM says:

    This makes my little red-headed heart sing.

    • Bex says:

      Ditto! OK, my hair is auburn (my brother is the true ginger in the family), but still, I always get tons of compliments when I wear green, so this post was right up my alley.

  5. Judy says:

    The print might not take itself too seriously, but the skirt does! $760!

  6. Sarah says:

    I adore that dress in the first picture. Do we know anything about it?

  7. y.k. says:

    i love this post. suddenly grey seems ordinary & bland.

  8. One of my favorite colors, glad it’s back again.

  9. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I love it, but would I actually WEAR it? (Count me in with the “sea of black”)

  10. gablesgirl says:

    Its not easy being green…most shades make me look seasick.

  11. My favorite color and my favorite street style photo of all time.

  12. ramonaquimby says:

    ha, of course out of all of them the skirt caught my eye, only to realize it’s $700 Marni…sigh.

  13. Tammy says:

    Gosh, I love green. The emerald tones are brilliant. I recently found a flowy, long-sleeve green top similar to the Otte New York one at a resale shop for $12, and can’t wait to wear it once cooler temps hit

  14. Femme50 says:

    Hmph. Think I’ll just weigh in with last year’s Pantone Color of the Year Emerald nail polish.

  15. Trulu says:

    Who is the woman in the green dress and black boots with the sunglasses looking over her shoulder?

  16. Fiona says:

    I’m so sad that you said “poppy as heck”. Heck, heck. It’s such an odd little linguistic trend that’s taken over the internet in recent years. Is ‘hell’ really that offensive? ANYWAY – green – always and forever!