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Cheap and chic of the week

massimo dutti2

I love that capes are a thing this season, but am not so much a fan of the fact that they’re mostly skewing on the pricey side. This appealingly Euro-preppy version from Massimo Dutti, however, is a perfectly lovely exception.

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Wednesday links

debbie chris stein

  • Any excuse to run old pictures of Debbie Harry is all right by me. (Smithsonian)
  • Quiz time! On the occasion of its recent series finale, test your knowledge of 50 True Blood characters. (Vulture)
  • It’s your cute dog video of the day. (Laughing Squid)
  • A (deeply esoteric) state-by-state guide to the most frequently-purchased items on eBay. (Business Insider)
  • A poignant and wry goodbye-to-all-that to Manhattan’s Rizzoli Bookstore. (New Yorker)
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Going green


I love when the fashion forces determine it’s time to trot out some nice, rich, jewel-tone greens: done right, they’re sophisticated, unexpected, and just as poppy as heck.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.28.54 AM

print that doesn’t take itself too seriously worn as part of an otherwise quite straightforward outfit is always aces in my book.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.22.10 AM

Throw this elegant number on with anything—jeans, a straight skirt, slouchy trousers—and poof! your outfit’s interesting.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.02.37 AM

My coat closet is a sea of black and more boring black; this might mix things up a bit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.19.51 AM

Scarves: the lazy girl’s way to embrace any trend.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.38.05 AM

top with definite reach-for-it-every-day potential.

Posted on August 26th, 2014 22 Comments

Pretty flowy things

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.52.08 AM

It’s the last week of summer, and I’ve got sweet bohemian tops on my mind. This blue and black option is sophisticated enough to wear under a blazer.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.48.54 AM

So expensive, but so perfect. (Here’s something similar for less.)

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 10.55.55 AM

An authentic Mexican blouse in graphic black and white.



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Monday links

Anthony Dihle, artist.


  • The fascinatingly cluttered desks of various art world figures. (Slate)
  • The VMAs were on MTV last night, and the red carpet was equal parts delight and a spectacle, per usual. (The Cut)
  • And continuing on the awards show theme: The Emmys are tonight: get in the mood by watching a bunch of nominees in 25 of the year’s best TV scenes.(EW)
  • A landlord in England was fined for renting out an apartment that was accessible only by crawling. (Time)
  • A rundown of really rather rather esoteric scholarships: like for instance the one from Loyola University Chicago  for Catholics with the last name Zolp. (Mental Floss)


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What I’m craving for fall: Part I of a (possibly lengthy) series

Menswear-inspired boots that are on the slicker side of things, so you don’t feel like a guy when you put them on.


1. Pedro Garcia; 2. See by Chloe; 3. Acne; 4. Pedro Garcia 5. Pierre Hardy 6. Zara 7. J. Crew 8. Massimo Dutti


Posted on August 22nd, 2014 21 Comments