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Cheap and chic of the week

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I am picky, picky when it comes to my t-shirts, and have lately been making the rounds to find some nice and not-too-pricey ones for summer—a season which, in my experience, can be hell on clothes. So far, Mango is the one to beat: this slouchy number is made of 100% viscose, but it’s the good kind of acrylic: super-soft and—trust me on this—completely breathable.  And the price—under $15!—makes me feel so much better about the big berry pie stain I’ll likely be gifting it with come July.

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Posted on June 6th, 2014 13 Comments

13 Responses

  1. CharlotteK says:

    Viscose isn’t acrylic, it’s a fiber made from processed cellulose. It carries some environmental impacts from chemicals used in its processing and the plantations that produce the cellulose. I’m not trying to put a downer on your t-shirt; it’s hard to find sustainable clothes.

  2. Tammy says:

    The Mango shirts look fantastic. I just ordered all four. Thanks for the suggestion, Kim. We’re headed to your city for vacation this weekend (Wisconsin to NYC). Can’t wait to hang in the City That Never Sleeps. 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    I’ve been really happy with the J.Crew vintage cotton t-shirts. Soft and lightweight, 100% cotton, and some colors/ styles are on sale for as little as $10. Also they have v-neck, crew neck, tank top…take your pick.

    • Marah says:

      I love the J Crew vintage tees. I have a large stack of them, in a rainbow of colors and styles. I get the long sleeve small or xs to wear out (they stretch) and the XL tanks to sleep in. They feel so good on. I wish they’d make a slouchy one, like the ones KIm shows here, though.

  4. AK says:

    Viscose and acrylic are not the same thing. Acrylic is entirely man-made, while viscose is considered semi-synthetic since it is made from reprocessed natural materials:

  5. Viajera says:

    So how do people feel about visible bra straps?

  6. Mae says:

    I love the look of that t-shirt, but how do you keep your bra straps from showing? Wide-neck shirts make me constantly readjust, which is annoying and ruins the whole laid back vibe…

    • KimFrance says:

      I think if you take care to wear a bra with a pretty—but not too foofy—strap, it’s fine.

    • edie says:

      Or wear a black bra. Black straps, for some reason, seem less lingerie-like to me than white ones (which usually aren’t quite white) or tan ones. Black straps look a little bit cool but not aggressively sexy. In my opinion. I let mine show with no qualms.

  7. caroline says:

    They look great! How does their sizing run?
    Never ordered before…
    FYI, a bit fussy , but sometimes a little double stick tape action works…

    • Tammy says:

      I bought all four colors of the shirts in a size medium, which is my true size (I typically wear a 6 to 8 in shirts). Shirt fits me like pictured on the model. So if you want to go for that look, I advise sticking with your normal size.

  8. Ann says:

    I”d love to hear about their sizing as well. I have never ordered from Mango before.

  9. DelawareDeb says:

    Girls…Viscose is Rayon.