Tuesday 4th August 2020
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Thursday links

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  • What will The Little Mermaid look like with Sofia Coppola in the director’s seat? Funny or Die takes a guess. (Funny or Die.)
  • Coffee in a bag. (PSFK)
  • Rob Lowe’s essay about being heartbroken over his son’s departure for college is so sweet and sensitive it’ll make you want to give him a big fat hug tell him it’s all going to be OK. (Slate)
  • Good on Rashida Jones, who has gotten herself a new cop show, to be produced by Steve Carell and his wife. (Vulture)
  • Here’s your oh, the youth of the day. And it’s a pip. (Death and Taxes)


Posted on May 8th, 2014 3 Comments

3 Responses

  1. daisyj says:

    I was hoping the coffee-bag thing would be more of a Capri-Sun-type deal. (You can tell who’s cool on the bus because they stick the straw in through the bottom.) It’s a neat design, but I’m not sure what the world needs is more disposable packaging.

  2. Becky M says:

    I just finished listening to Rob Lowe’s 1st book on tape (read by him). He is so well spoken and articulate about his life, it was a fantastic read (listen?). I would highly recommend it. This article is just a taste.

  3. Liz says:

    Ugh, I think the girls of this generation (and girls in their 20’s, for that matter) could really use a Sassy Magazine. I hate the direction things seem to be taking for young women, and the fact that so many of them are totally ok with it, and even gleefully participate in their own objectification/subjugation is astounding to me.