Sunday 25th October 2020
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Department of budget-blowing candles

cire trudon1

Cire Trudon candles are fancy and French and seriously of the old school—Marie Antionette was a customer. And they are displayed in stores under bell jars, much like cheese. I always chalked that up to pretension more than anything, but my friend Stephen demonstrated their real purpose when we popped in to super-luxe apothecary Min New York while out on a shopping ramble last Sunday:  you are to sniff the inside of the bell jar, and not the candle itself, to get the truest sense of its scent. Which is still on the pretentious side, but the candles are all so divine I’m willing to let it pass. Stephen shared one of his favorites, with which I am now fully obsessed: Solis Rex is meant to invoke the halls of Versailles, and is woodsy in the best, almost sharp kind of way, with the subtlest notes of citrus. I want and I want.

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Posted on February 25th, 2014 10 Comments

10 Responses

  1. lindanyc says:

    I’m always both a little relieved and disappointed when you feature something I have no interest in buying. Fortunately for my budget, I am so not a candle girl, let alone a schmancy candle girl. Thanks for putting Min NY on my radar, though. Definitely sounds worth a visit. L

  2. Amy in StL says:

    Yankee Candle company always tells you to sniff the lid of the jar not the candle. For a completely low-brow version of this.

  3. c.w. says:

    Sounds like a Princess Week purchase to me.

  4. Voila cw beat me to it. And I don’t know how much they are in NYC but in France the little one is 35€ but it will last for forevah and so impregnate your home with its perfume that you probably won’t need to buy one again for awhile! And it isn’t pretentious, just really really French. 😉

  5. Viajera says:

    I think, in a sniff/day ratio, it will amortize nicely. If that’s what that means.

  6. Kissy says:

    My maiden name is Solis so now I’m curious what that particular candle smells like. There’s actually a store in my area of the world (fly over state) that sells Cire Trudon goods! I hope they have this one.

  7. shefferman says:

    your friend Stephen also recommends the “windows open, warm breeze, it’s summer!” flip side to Rex Solis, which is And El Kader. a slightly strange but entirely beguiling mix of mint, tobacco, tea, lemon, jasmine, and vanilla . . . and then some. also available at Min.

  8. edie says:

    Hmm. A bit put off by “atelier hours” on their website–perhaps I am not their target demographic. However, fortunately, you can get all the lovely Cire Trudon candles at Aedes de Venustas, which is also a shop not to be missed. I’ve always felt welcome there–no airs, no high falutin. Just lots of lovely.

  9. Kay Erikson says:

    While I somethimes feel I mind as well just burn money when I buy french candles (I am partial to diptique and rigaud which look cheap next to cire I think. I have found that if I place it next to my bed I can enjoy the scent with out ever lighting the wick. Just a thought.
    Happy birthday!

  10. victoria says:

    Now I feel like an ass for spotting these in a store recently and proceeding to lift each bell jar, and then stick the candle right up to my nose for a deep sniff. Thanks for enlightening us!