Saturday 17th April 2021
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Tuesday links

sid and nancy

  • This rundown of the 44 most controversial moments in rock—including  a particularly notable one involving these two crazy kids—is sublime.  (NME via Please Kill Me)
  • 1998, the quiz. (Vulture)
  • You must check out this piece and its fascinating—if only for how normal they are—pictures of women in 70s Afghanistan, before Taliban rule. When they were allowed to leave the house without chaperones and be doctors and teachers and stuff. (Dangerous Minds)
  • Just Amazon being Amazon again. (Laughing Squid)
  • Kyle Chandler, aka Coach Taylor of Friday Night Lights, is going to star in a new Netflix series. This can only be a good thing. (A.V. Club)
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  1. ramona black says:

    i really wanted to read that 44 moments but a stupid pop-up ad blocked my view and I could not close it! WTF?