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Thursday links


  • It’s the oral history of the party scene in Clueless that you never knew you needed. (Vulture)
  • Now here’s a good year-end roundup: the silliest things celebrities said in magazine profiles during 2013. (Atlantic Wire)
  • I am actually kind of intrigued by this documentary account of Mitt Romney’s failed presidential campaign, set for release in January on Netflix. (Business Insider)
  • Beyonce stunned her universe of fans on Friday by dropping an entire album and 17 accompanying music videos seemingly out of the clear blue sky. It was a pretty neat trick, but not entirely unprecedented: here are a dozen more albums that, in their own ways and to varying degrees, managed to surprise. (NME via Kottke)
  • And finally: if you’re looking to give some gifts of the charitable sort this season, here are several very worthy options. (Mental Floss)
Posted on December 19th, 2013

Print of the week

vanessa seward

Net a Porter’s having a great sale right now, and the selection of tops alone is such a fantasia of print that I got a little snow blind trying to pick a single favorite. In the end, this one from APC wins, not just because nothing beats a well-executed print on a black background, but also because the piece itself is so nicely pared-down,  but still somehow romantic.

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What’s your favorite holiday tradition?


Christmas can be a funny time if you’re Jewish—it’s not your holiday, but it’s such a huge holiday that the entire world grinds to a halt, so your impulse is to locate the people you love most and share the moment with them. My tradition involves my brother Mike’s family, me, and  Christmas Eve dinner at this very old-school, thoroughly unstylish but secretly great Greenwich Village restaurant (that’s a picture of it above—bonus points to any New Yorker who can identify it). Their specialty is t-bone steak—like I said, we’re talking old school—and we get it with every conceivable side order, and then when we’re done, go to the deli across the street and buy candy bars for dessert. Like all good traditions, we didn’t plan for it to become one; we just kept going back, year after year, until we realized that we’d created something the season wouldn’t feel right without.  Now please tell me yours. I love this stuff.

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Wednesday links

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 8.50.57 PM

  • Linda Ronstadt will be among this year’s inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which seems about right. Also included on the list: a bunch of dudes.
  • Even if you’re dead tired of year end best-of lists, New York magazine’s look at the year’s superlatives in entertainment is worth a look. (New York)
  • Relatedly, the top ten “What is” Google searches of 2013 are one rather succinct way of summing up the year. (Time)
  • There will be a Lizzie Borden Lifetime movie starring Christina Ricci and here is the trailer.
  • And finally: your morning word geek moment. (Mental Floss)


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Last-minute gift guide: the all about me collection

TTT cabbage rose

I was feeling a little sad yesterday that this holiday season, all of my gift guide energy went into compiling guest posts for other sites (which you can see here, here and here) and none of it went to you, my endlessly loyal readers who I adore. So I’ve decided to put together one last guide, composed entirely of items on my own list, because how much fun is that? For starters, here’s something I’ve wanted forever: this cabbage rose necklace from Ten Thousand Things. It’s one of their signature shapes, and is so classic and elegant and could be worn with anything—like a more modern version of an Elsa Peretti  heart.

smythson skull & bones

The skull and crossbones is its own kind of classic, and I do like how very clever it looks on crisp and proper Smythson note cards.

ant small dish derian

An itsy dish for one’s bedside earrings and change and whatnot.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.23.14 PM

I’m not usually a fan of cocktail ring proportions, but the appeal of this moonstone confection can not be denied.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.46.05 PM

I developed a taste for caviar after I started receiving it every year at the holidays from a particularly beloved former boss. “Share it with no one,” he would always instruct me. And I never did.

vitra toolbox

I’m moving apartments soon (much more on that later) and one of my main goals for the new place is to not have a junk drawer. This Vitra toolbox will help me accomplish my objective. Not the most glamorous gift on my list, but one I’m dying for nevertheless.


My number one gift shopping rule is that you should always try to buy a person something they will absolutely love, but would never buy for themselves. For me that means this ostrich feather Margiela pen. It amuses me endlessly, and I’m certain would make me feel like I was a 1940s film star at her chic little desk answering fan mail every time I sat down to pay the bills.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.55.21 PM

I am so tired of my boring old scarves. This multi-print  number from We Are Owls would fix all that.

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It’s the little things: secret makeup tricks of the pros edition

powerpoint liner

Here’s what I learned from the lady at the MAC store on Friday: when attempting to apply liner to the the outer corners of the lower lash line—always such a tricky maneuver—swap out your brush liner for an old-school pencil. Goodbye, smudgy mess, hello, eyes so huge and pretty you won’t believe they’re yours.


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