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The girlification of me, part 2

barbour beadnell

Earlier in the week, I shared with you my annual mid-fall wardrobe conundrum: as soon as the temperature drops, I default into a uniform that is is fantastic from an ease-of-wear perspective, but that possibly makes me come off less-than-distinctly feminine. And not in some insouciant masculin/feminin Frenchy way, but rather in just a workaday unwomanly and definitively unsexy way that’s really beginning to lay waste to a small corner of my self-esteem. Tuesday’s solution was to swap out my Barbour Beadnell jacket—which I adore, but which is maybe not helping matters so much—for something a bit softer. This works great. But today I’m thinking of going in another direction. What if the Barbour jacket stays, and everything else goes? While still keeping the outfit still relatively easy?


For starters, I might consider swapping out my big old cardigan for a  v-neck sweater just on its own, for some sexy clavicle action.


loeffler randall boot piperlime

And it’s easy enough to trade up to boots from sneakers, for crying out loud. Because I’m always running around, I chose a pair that’s highly walkable—the pointy toe is what gives it a more dressed-up feel—but there are few things more chic than a woman in a Barbour jacket, jeans that are on the skinny side, and a heel with some height to it. That is very masculin feminin in a way that really works.

cherry red fresh

Your mother was right: you should put on a little lipstick before you go out. And this time of year, a hit of hydration is just good thinking.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 4.35.45 PM

I am very much into the transformative power of earrings lately: More than almost any other item, they say you made an effort. And yet they take so very little. These  are definitely more “statement” than I usually go, what with the crystals and the pearls and whatnot, but the safety pins are of course hilarious and in their odd way pretty, and I think they’d endow me with just a touch of Lady Badass spirit.

bobby pins red & glitter

Never underestimate the power of a bright, poppy little hair thing.

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Posted on November 1st, 2013 11 Comments

11 Responses

  1. shirim says:

    love those earrings!

  2. farha bano says:

    love the sweater! did it already sell out or is the link not working?

  3. Monica M says:

    I think this stuff would look fabulous all put together. Go for it!

  4. Diane says:

    Love this post and Part 1 as well. Have been wanting to up my game without sacrificing comfort/warmth — and have been trying to develop a routine of quick/easy and manageable things that have great impact. And you’re right — lipstick changes everything!

  5. Caroline says:

    Love the sweater and the leather pants they show with it!
    am not sure if its chic or sad to wear leathers at my certain age… Waxed jeans are not quite the same.
    The boots are to die! Unfortunately not in the budget, perhaps a knock off.

  6. Rachel says:

    What about something like this for a jacket? It’s less schlumpfy and more feminine in its structure.

  7. Maria says:

    I’ve been loving big earrings lately – those are fabulous!

  8. LK says:

    Great post. I live in an area of the country where the look is full on girly (nothing wrong with it–but not my gig at all). This is a nice middle ground. And I’ve loved your taste since your magazine days.

  9. Kate says:

    “Lady Badass spirit” is my new motto.

    I’ve been eyeing a Beadnell jacket for some time. However, my weight is not at an ideal number (nor even close to what it should be) and I hesitate to make such a large purchase at this size. But then another part of me thinks that I may never return to the ideal size and I should just pull the trigger. If I do lose the weight then I can always sell it and purchase another one in a smaller size.

  10. c.w. says:

    Although in my dotage I recently read a post somewhere written by someone quite young (early twenties) about “finding your style.” What she said made sense: begin some board on pintrest and soon you’ll see what style you are drawn to and so can begin from there. Well I don’t do pintrest, but I did go through several magazine and realized that I am drawn to clean simple minimalist type clothing. Mostly separates. And what I LOVE to add are really GREAT shoes and really interesting jackets. For years I’ve been trying to “girly” myself up, but failing miserably. So now I’ve cleaned my closet of all things super girly (and, I might add, items I hardly ever wore and felt uncomfortable in when I did wear them) and I’ve added a couple pair of shoes that are outstanding and I’m super happy every time I dress. In short, dress how you want, but figure out what “style” makes you happy first. Don’t go changing just because you feel you should. (and you’re right about lipstick. it’s a game changer)