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Cheap and chic of the week

need supply 1

There are so many fantastic-looking bags under $100 at Need Supply that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate them from the splurgy Clare Viviers and Mansur Gavriels they also carry. It’s definitely hard to choose just one, so I have spared myself the effort.  The slightly unexpected hue here is nice, and any bag that promises to haul your whole life around without skewing shleppy is aces in my book.

vivier-like clutch

The foldover clutch like you’ve seen and wanted everywhere, here for 54 buckareenos.

cool bag

There is something so classically cool about this shape; I can’t think of an outfit it wouldn’t go with.


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Thursday links

dog parade

  • Happy Halloween, everyone. Please do enjoy these pictures from the East Village dog parade this weekend. (Gothamist)
  • That very distinctive carpet from The Shining is now available as a fabric.
  • Super-scary scenes from the most iconic of scary movies. (EW)
  • Are credit cards safe anywhere anymore? L’Oreal is bringing shopping to the subways. (PSFK)
  • Ouch. Ouch. Ouch of the day. Warning: pictures not for the squeamish. (Death & Taxes)



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Nice design moments make everything better

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 12.06.21 PM I loathe the observance of Halloween by adults—except those adults accompanied by children*—and you might too if you lived in downtown New York. For it is here that the annual opening of the Hellmouth that is the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade happens, and its aftermath is the kind of a glittery, boozy, loud-ass touristy rout that could drive a girl straight uptown to spend the night with her parents—and frequently does. But this year I’m sticking around: I do like seeing the kiddies in their costumes, and any excuse to purchase a large bag of mini-Butterfingers is a good one. I’ll be serving them on this spidery-fun plate (melamine, and amazingly solid) from John Derian, which has been lying in wait for just such an  occasion as this.



*Or dogs (see above).

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Wednesday links

playboy bunny bar

  • Just in time for Halloween: excellent old-school candy wrappers. (Collector’s Weekly)
  • A French organization that advocates on behalf of plus-sized women has lodged a formal complaint against designer Karl Lagerfeld for his “defamatory and discriminatory” comments regarding fat people, who he recently proclaimed on French television were the reason for France’s economic troubles. I love that, at the very least, this will be kind of a pain in the ass for him. (Jezebel)
  • There’s big drama brewing in Portland because restaurants are sending employees out to raid backyard herb gardens. I really do need to experience Portland for myself one of these days. (Time)
  • You might enjoy this rundown of left-of-center pageant queens through American history, from International Posture Queen to Miss American Vampire.  (Mental Floss)
  • The 50 greatest inventions since the wheel, according to a bunch of smartypants types. (Atlantic via Kottke)
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Print of the week, EP edition: stripes with a difference

So many fun places you can go with the striped top as your template. Today I think I’ll take one of each.

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It’s the little things

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 2.25.41 PM

I just didn’t feel right not sharing with you that there’s a big Le Crueset sale happening right now on Fab.

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