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Monday links

block of ice heidi romano

  • Very pretty images of blocks of ice. (Flavorwire)
  • There is a temperature-controlled, unmarked warehouse in Queens where extra-fancy people store all their clothes. Clients can access the contents of their closets via iPad, and make selections at any time. Clueless was so damn prescient. (Daily Mail)
  • At this stage in the game, is anybody really all that surprised that this exists? (Time)
  • This, on the other hand (and awesomely) would have been pretty tough to predict coming down the pike.
  • Yes, I am 13 year old boy. (Laughing Squid)


Posted on September 30th, 2013 8 Comments

My kingdom for a plate

astier de villate plate john derian

John Derian and French earthenware company Astier de Villatte have embarked on a collaboration so gobsmakingly beautiful that I’m feeling freshly motivated to sell a few fancy bags on eBay just so I can justify buying a piece or two. Like this this marbled dinner plate, which absolutely destroys me.

cloud cup

Or this dreamy little cloud cup.

serving plate john derian

Or this excellent serving plate, which looks very classically Astier, but with a charming, wee little fly interrupting the proceedings.

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Reader discovery: Cuyana

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 1.51.11 PM

Many thanks to Girls of a Certain Age-er Lori Lovejoy (excellent name, no?) for sending along a link to Cuyana, a San Francisco-based outfit that sells items sourced from and made in Peru, Ecuador, Turkey, and other points far flung. Prices are delightfully reasonable, especially when one factors in the quality of what’s on offer, and the fact that everything’s ethically produced. This weekender, for instance, packs in a lot of style for $120, and while I am partial to what you see here, because black canvas with brown leather detailing always gets me going, this Carhartt-hued neutral is also not without its charms.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 1.56.48 PM

You know how I get about a nice saddlebag.


Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 6.55.31 PM

Oh, how I wish I could justify the purchase of this divine Turkish bathrobe.

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Friday links

banned book mugshots


Posted on September 27th, 2013

The happiest thing on earth

That I am 49 years old and can’t stop watching this brings me no shame whatsoever .

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Tattoo Thursday

Tribeca Mom  got her  first tattoo yesterday: a monogram of her son’s and husband’s first initials. It sits right on the inside of her left wrist, where it will peek out from underneath her Hermes Cape Cod watch, a genius reflection of her preppy/cool style. Nobody is a greater master of high/low dressing than Tribeca Mom, and when she showed up at at the desperately hip Williamsburg tattoo salon (Andrea and I came along for moral support) it was in an outfit I couldn’t stop marveling at. So simple, and yet enviably threw-it-together cool. It takes a lot to make purple leopard print sneakers work, readers, but I swear to you, they did.

*who actually has a name, Meredith Rollins, and does some first-rate blogging of her own.


1. Rebecca Taylor 2. American Eagle 3. TenThousandThings 4. Zara 5. Zara 6. Gap

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