Thursday 24th September 2020
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Thursday links

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  • This mashup of archival Soul Train footage with Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky” makes me really happy. (Good)
  • On the other hand, I’m not sure how to feel about 300 Kate Bushes re-enacting the “Wuthering Heights” video on a field somewhere in England. (Death and Taxes)
  • Also: Prancersise!
  • JC Penney can not catch a break. (Adfreak)
  • The Mermaid Parade lives! (Gothamist)
Posted on May 30th, 2013 9 Comments

9 Responses

  1. Bex says:

    That Soul Train video made my day! Thanks for posting it.

  2. c.w. says:

    Love the Soul Train video!

    Poor J.C.Penny….Oy and Egad.

  3. Kathleen Trail says:

    I’m eternally grateful for both the Prancercise video (tears of laughter streaming down my face – may have to look up your recommendations for a good waterproof mascara now) & the Soul Train mashup. Excellent representations of two eras & the best way I could have imagined to get me out of my funk (or into it?) after a really crappy day yesterday.

  4. Lisa J says:

    The Soul Train video is awesome. It’s got me in a boogie mood. Thanks.

  5. Stacy says:

    Bless you. That Prancersise workout made my day! Freaking excellent.

  6. Melissa says:

    Daft Punk / Soul train video was perfection!

  7. Liz says:

    Um is she wearing a twin set and pearls? I love that it’s an LLC!

  8. Jenn says:

    That Soul Train video makes me realize how many “new” dance moves aren’t so new after all. I saw some definite Michael Jackson moves and some others I’ve seen but can’t attribute to any one artist.